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HI ladies.

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site but not new to natural parenting.  I have two toddler girls both who I used Cloth diapers, Wore them, co-slept, Bf'd and all of that other fun stuff. I'm now pregnant with number three and due in Oct/Nov. I'm looking forward to getting in with a group of people that think like me. I live in the middle of the bible belt where most minds are closed and a lot of my parenting stuff is questioned. I don't even do anything crazy. Just what comes naturally to me but it's not what everyone around me does so therefore I'm odd. (in their eyes anyway.) In my eyes they put way to much work into parenting. lol. I look forward to getting familiar with this board and getting to know some people. My due date is Actually November 18th but both of my other girls have come on their own 3-4 weeks early. That's why I say oct/nov. I'm only joining the Nov. birth board though.

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Hi there wave.gif congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to our ddc :)

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Welcome to the group!!  :)  

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Welcome.gifI grew up in the Bible Belt, so I can imagine what that's like!  My mom was a LLLLeader so we knew all the natural moms in town, but even so there was a sense of being "weird" compared to the mainstream folks who could get hostile at times.

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I agree that finding like-minded mothers is a lifesaver!  I'm in a couple's bible study, which I love, but the topic of crying it out came up, and when I said I never let my babies CIO, they all looked at me like I had three heads.  (However, one couple with a baby came up afterwards and asked me more about our experience/philosophy).  It might help to think of yourself as an ambassador for natural family living in the wilds of the Bible Belt :).

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Thanks jill for that idea.  I would like to point out that I have not nothing against the bibles as it may have sounded above.  I just get so frustrated at how seemingly close minded people around here are.  I moved from denver where "crunchy" or as I like to think of it as natural is just the normal.  Here, not so much.  People found out I made my own babyfood and just couldn't believe I wasted my time. But then again they think I must have the time because I"m a SAHM.  Or, When I tell people that I prefer to not have an epidural like I did with my last child I get that look like I have 3 heads.  Oh well, life wouldn't be interesting if everyone lived their life in one specific way.  Thanks for the welcome!

Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › HI ladies.