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New Food Allergies During Pregnancy

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I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my second child.  At about 6 weeks in I discovered I was having severe reactions to all dairy products, and eliminated all dairy from my diet.  At around 24 weeks my symptoms returned and I eliminated gluten from my diet, which seemed to be the problem.  I've had a food allergy test done, but still waiting on the results, they were supposed to be in earlier this week, but are not.  I've never had any food allergies before aside from tree nuts.


I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this?  I'm curious if the allergies are likely to go away after I have the baby, or if I will be this way permanently.  Also wondering what the chances are of the baby having food allergies?  I know it's different for everyone, and there's no real way to tell except wait and see, but any experiences would be interesting to me anyway.


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You say you have tree nut allergies. A child born to a parent with food OR environmental has a 50% chance of having an allergy (again, environmental or food.  Doesn't matter).


As for if you are going to go away, it's a toss up.  I lost my allergies with #1, they came back slightly with #2 and are so so now.  

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Yes, you can start having symptoms during and after pregnancy.  My daughter's allergist called it "gestational allergies".  He's a pretty conservative and laid back for an MD and we love him.  I started reacting to peanuts when I never had before, and other symptoms became worse.  Besides a severe grass allergy, I had never paid attention to allergies and had not been tested as an adult.  Never felt the need to, but my whole body started to react in different and distressing ways.  I finally went in for environmental and food allergy testing and was blown away by the results.  These allergies might have been there before.  I know some were thinking back, but others, like peanuts, seemed new, though I could not swear to that.  My symptoms all around were worse for food and environmental triggers.


"Likely"?  I can't answer that.  Possible?  Possibly.  Mine have not abated.  

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