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Help transitioning??

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DH & I recently decided that I am not going to return to teaching next fall, and instead am going to become a SAHM to our 2-year-old son. Also, we're hoping to get pregnant with #2, so that will add another fun aspect to the mix. I'm contracted through June (done teaching in May but paid through June). Just curious if anyone has ideas of ways to transition to this new lifestyle -- both from a personal/mental level & financially. We'll be OK on DH's salary, but there will some cuts that need to be made. Thanks in advance!

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I haven't exactly had to transition, as I haven't worked outside of the home since I was pregnant. But I do feel like I can tell you a few things that may help. One is to see if there is a local mom's group that you can connect with for playdates. I find that I need these as much, if not more than, DD. And make sure to check in to see what type of children's programs your local library offers. Something that is probably going to be helpful is to come up with a plan for getting yourself out of the house every day. I don't know if you need to schedule it, or if you're fine being spontaneous. But you may do something like playground on Monday, library on Tuesday, etc. It is sometimes hard to get motivated to get out the door, but it helps so much. With that, you should also try to find a way to get some regular alone time. Maybe when your DH comes home from work every evening you take a ten minute walk or something like that.


As for financial stuff, are you looking for specific examples of how to save money? The big things I can think of are making your own meals. (This includes packing snacks and lunch for when you go out so your not tempted to stop somewhere and get something.) Make your own household cleaners. Walk and use public transit as much as possible. Get rid of cable if you have it. There's really a lot you can do to save money. I could go on, but I'm not sure what you are already doing. :)


Good luck making the switch. It's maddening and wonderful all at the same time!

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What kind of teacher are you? I ask because what kept me going the first couple of months when I switched from working to SAHM was to do similar things at home that I did at work.  For instance (I worked in a child care center) I did LOTS of scheduled crafts with my ds that I had done at work, I arranged his toys/room similarly and was still in the mindset of "work," only ... I was at home, entertaining my baby =D After a month or two, I found my own style (much more laid back, Waldorfy, baby led, etc) but doing this helped me tremendously. It gave me something to do. 


And it always helps me to remember even when I am not "teaching " these babies, I AM teaching them something.  Manners. About Society.  Expectations. How to have fun! You are never just a mom, yk? 


I also made sure to get dressed every day! That was a biggie.  Now that I am pregnant with #3, I don't mind being in my pjs for most of the day, but back then, it felt good to get up, get dressed and start the day with a fresh outlook!


Also, I highly recommend doing practically nothing for the first week or so.  Until you get bored.  Just to give yourself a break, because you will probably be sooo busy by week two that you will feel like youve been SAHing all your life! lol.gif (I'm exaggerating a bit, of course!)


Financially - I just started going "green," but it truly wasn't for earth friendly reasons, it was to save money.  Cloth diapers/wipes, vinegar/baking soda/borax as cleaners, making my own detergent, baking soda/apple cider vinegar for shampoo/Diva cup (and today I just started making some mama cloth) thrift store/yard sale shopping for toys... things like that helped a ton!




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