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What are you feeding your freezer today?

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The other thread is too long! I'm on a nesting/freezer cooking kick, and would love to share recipes and tips. What are you putting up right now?

Yesterday I made an extra traditional foods meatloaf when I made dinner. I stashed 2 single meal portions and two family dinner portions that are baked, sliced, frozen and wrapped. I used the parchment/foil then put them into gladware.

Today I'm making sloppy Joe mixture, and freezing it in jars. I make it with some lentils and plenty of shredded veg to keep the high cost of grassfed beef in check. This is one of my husband's favorite meals, and is super high in iron too (I add a bit of liver). I'm hoping to store 3-4 jars.
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I stock up when things are on sale. I have coupons for gluten free bread, which is SO exciting for me, lol, so I'm freezing that; froze a ham when it was on sale for easter, GF waffles were on sale so I bought a bunch of those, too. 


I probably should plan more, but my strategy is to stock up on the stuff we regularly use when it's on sale; and I freeze leftovers, too.

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I bought a marked down roast for the freezer yesterday
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I need to get a new deep freezer before the baby comes... I like having about a month of meals stored up before the baby gets here.

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This is a great reminder!  I am grocery shopping today and I need to start stocking the freezer for when the baby comes in August. I'm shooting for a month of meals as well.

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Oh I fed my freezer this weekend... Chicken Spaghetti and some banana muffins and BBQ pork roast left overs for another day...

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I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd contribute some more ideas! This week I'm adding a few dozen zucchini bread muffins, chopped, blanched zucchini and shredded zucchini for winter soups and casseroles.

I'm also making a triple batch of roasted tomato sauce and freezing in meal sized portions. I use this tomato sauce as a base for many different meals like pasta sauces, soups and pizza sauce.

I also had a bunch of garlic that was starting to stink up my pantry so I roasted several heads, mashed it all up and froze tbsp size portions of the roasted garlic paste for future use in soups, sauces and mashed potatoes.

And last, I'm freezing fresh picked blackberries and blueberries! I love heading into fall with a well stocked freezer!
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My freezer are both packed! I also want to get some peaches to freeze so we either need to buy another freezer or start eating out of the freezers. smile.gif


This is what I have in my freezers,

Fresh fish from alaska


Shredded Zucchini

Homemade and store bought bread

Sub buns

Hot Dogs and Buns - My husbands favorite meal. I bought the turkey ones for kids and me.

Homemade waffles

Premade meat and cheese sandwiches

Premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - The kids take the sandwiches in their school lunches.

Homemade cookies packaged for lunches.

Ice cream!!! We got a birthday coming up next week.

Homemade breakfast burritos.

A taco casserole

2 Spaghetti pizzas

3 store bought pizzas

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I made big batch of dahl and froze it in single servings. I am the one who eats it most but I don't always feel like cooking it when I feel like eating it winky.gif


Last month I filled my freezer with strawberries, raspberries and peaches.

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