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Weeks crawling by for anyone else?

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The majority of this pregnancy has gone by pretty quickly, but once I hit the mid-20s (weeks) time seemed to come to a screeching halt.  In the fall and winter weeks seemed to fly by, and now days seem to crawl.  I always get this way with my pregnancies as it gets closer to baby time, because I just can't wait to meet my little one.  But it is so hard!  And I am constantly wanting to live in the moment and enjoy each second of this last pregnancy (#4, and we are done after this one), but my excitement about the birth and meeting him are far outweighing my sense of carpe diem! 


I guess this is part of the process...part of how we know that we are getting closer and that we are ready for these beautiful babes to enter our families.  I feel so incredibly fortunate and each kick and roll and movement makes me smile and feel such joy.  What an amazing thing we are able to do.  Absolutely amazing.  Hard to believe this is the last time I will feel this. 


As hard as it is to wait, though, I am happy to wait as long as I need to until baby is ready to come...just excited is all! 

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My first baby was like that...I felt like I waited forEVER for her. When I finally had her at 41w1d I could have cried from relief. With my son, I was so busy with life that it FLEW...and then he came a full two weeks before my guess date, so you know...that was super fast and easy a wait.

This baby seems the same so far, my life with a three year old and a two year old keeps me pretty busy and I find that the days are flying by. I hope it keeps up like that, there is nothing so murderous as waiting for a baby when the days are crawling by. Mama, I do not envy you and I'm so sorry it's dragging for you.

I swear, with DD1 I was practically homicidal from frustration. I can laugh now, looking back on it...but at the time I was beside myself waiting for her to come and the days stretched on like WEEKS!

I'm hoping that time speeds up for you and that your days are nice and busy....we really are SO close now! I totally know what you mean about feeling caught between appreciating being pregnant for one last time and feeling SOOOOOO ready to put your hands on that sweet little baby. I swear, I want my baby in my arms so badly I can practically smell her sweet milky little face. Oooooo, I just want a little sluggy bug baby on my chest so bad!

I know it's only been a bit over two years since I had my last one...but it feels like forEVER since I had a newborn. I've gone just long enough that I'm aching for a little baby again, but it was recent enough that I remember what it's like. I LOVE newborns. A two year old and a three year old are still so little and I love them so much, but I also love wrapping a little tiny one on me and I miss nursing (my son weaned himself recently) and I love watching them go from little shriveled new people to big bouncing baby-kids.


I just can't believe there is going to be another person. It feel so much more special with this baby, because the first time and even the second time, I didn't really understand what it meant to have a baby, as far as how it plays out when they become little people who talk and develop personalities, etc. Now that I have a 2.5 year old and my DD will be four soon...I am beginning to learn about their dreams and who they are, what their personalities are going to be like...and it's totally amazing to me to know that this new baby will come and turn into a person too.

It's surreal to imagine, that even though she is in my belly, she feels so far away. But soon, not only is she going to be out of me and REAL...but more than that, in no time at all, I won't be able to imagine my life without her! It's crazy to think of that. Four years ago, it was just me and DH and a couple of dogs. Now our life is so full...and these beautiful children we've made are everything to us. Just a short while ago, I couldn't have conceived of them, how awesome they would be, etc....and now, I couldn't conceive of a life without them.

I love having kids. I can't wait for this baby to come. :)

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Oh, BroodyWoodsgal!  What a beautiful post!  You articulated everything that I am feeling just perfectly and had me all teary several times.  You totally get it.  DD2 is 2 in July, so I started aching for  newborn everything as well.  It is just such a powerful, amazing, unique time, and I feel the same way as you - that I will soak up this baby and am so incredibly excited for him because I do know how amazing these little people are.  Also, DS1 is my only boy of the three so far, and he will be 8 on June 1, so the magic of having another boy is very, very cool.  It's been all about the girl babies since 2007! 


I know that time will fly, especially as the weather gets nice, and I so want to cherish this time.  It amazes me how I am still in awe of every little movement inside of me.  I love this little guy so much already, and his siblings are over the moon about his arrival.  They want to name him Luke Skywalker.  :  ) 


Trying to keep busy by committing to getting some of my craft/artsy projects ready to sell to some local stores and see how that goes...now would be the time!  I am getting close to being ready for that, so that will give me something else to focus on...though three kids does that as well!  And I am glad that I am not super busy teaching English as I did for so many years and my first two pregnancies...time flew then and I was desperate for a few free moments! 


Enjoy enjoying your pregnancy!  We ARE getting there!!!!  Bring on the milk-faced babes!   : )

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