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What's your current food obsession?

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Let's talk about food obsessions... you know what I mean. The foods that for some reason you're suddenly hooked on. The ones that seem to find their way into your grocery basket on every shopping trip without you even realizing you put them there. The foods that make you antsy when you run out of them at home. You're obsessed, and then suddenly, one day, something else comes along and you move on to your next obsession.

For a while I was obsessed with tamari almonds. Some days I snacked on them, some days I chopped them and sprinkled them over my stir fry, other days they made it into my salad. I still eat them, but they no longer hold the same power over me. Now I seem to have moved onto swiss chard which I seem to eat pretty much every day in one form or another. Oh, and Amy's vegan pizza. Which I don't eat every day but I do like to make sure I have in my freezer.


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Oooh-I love tamari almonds! I haven't had any for awhile, I'll definitely have to pick some up next time I'm at the store.

I'm super into kale lately--I've been trying to sneak it into just about every meal. And in the not-so-healthy arena, I'm totally addicted to the garlic/honey-mustard pretzels. I buy them in the bulk section of our health food store and could literally eat them every day! But I should probably stick to the kate....

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My guilty obsession right now is chocolate peanut butter. I've run the numbers - it's a little better in the sugar department than adding jelly to plain peanut butter, and my little one loves it on toast. I like it spread on a banana.

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Homemade hummus! I love this stuff, and I've found how to make it into so many things! Wraps, burger-like things, dips, sauce for pizza. I make a base version and then add things to each separate batch, like grilled veggies of different kinds or nuts or breadcrumbs, etc.

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bananas w/peanut butter

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I have a few right now:


Chunkie Dunkies (http://www.chunkiedunkies.com/#!collection/vstc5=chocolate-chip)

Cashew Mylk (so easy to make)

Dark chocolate covered almonds

Banana ice cream- just frozen bananas in the vitamix topped w some shavings of dark chocolate



Oops forgot one

Tempeh Reubens

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I've been trying to limit the junk but once I get onto it I go straight for the lays dill pickle chips...god I love those innocent.gif

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Biscoff spread
Amy's Vegan breakfast burrito with salsa verde
Chia seeds soaked in vanilla hemp milk
Mango or bilberry kombucha
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Ok, now it's kale salads with almonds and dried cranberries.

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Cauliflower! Polenta! My homemade "meat"balls made from nuts and veggies are also a big favorite all around and perfect for a busy work night--I make a batch ahead of time and then I can feel good about just serving pasta.

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Didn't even think of this all natural pb we found...loaded with chilis! How can life get any better then chili pb? I've been devouring it on rice cakes and celery sticks

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OOhhhh! I am 9 weeks pregnant so this thread suits me to a tee!!


crunchy bitter green apples

Berries! Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries! (Its midwinter here so they are hard to get a hold of!)

Milk, and anything you can add milk to (smoothies, hot chocolate etc)

BREAD!!! in all its forms! But my fav at the moments is Iced Buns and Hot Cross Buns (they are still making them YIPPEEE)


Yup- thats all my fads right now :) MMMMM

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I am totally hooked on green smoothies and I hope it never stops!  I read about the benefits of blending greens for easy digestion and I've been drinking about a quart most days.  My junk food cravings have disappeared and I feel more alive and have the undescribable boost in mental clarity.  


I use about 2 cups of raw chopped greens, alternating as many types as possible different days/weeks plus some fresh or frozen fruit (pineapple is my favorite) plus water or orange pineapple juice for extra sweetness.  I highly recommend!

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Kale chips. I could eat them all.day.long.

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Kale Chips!  I've been making a batch a week, maybe 2, for our family of 5.  I use an awesome "nacho cheez" flavour found on



These absolutely rock and I can't keep my partner away from them!!!


Also, kelp noodles.  For a primarily raw diet, these come in VERY handy for quick, weeknight meals.

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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits........I can eat the whole bag.....which is fine cause I have six more in the cupboard

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raw brownies and Zucchini noodles

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I can't stop making avacado suhi!  Also  my son and I love chocolate smoothies  Frozen sliced banana, coconut milk, cocoa powder and maple syrup.  Yum!!! 

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Sandwiches with cream cheese, alfafa sprouts, tomato and onion. A friend made me one for breakfast on an early morning adventure yesterday and then I had another for dinner and 2 for lunch today Sheepish.gif

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Smoothies. A wonderful friend gave me a Vitamix for my birthday and I find myself thinking up new potential smoothies all day long! This week I have craved fresh mint in them constantly. 

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