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Here's my midwife's recommendations for diet.

4 calcium foods

2 eggs

2 protein (in addition to eggs)

2 green veggies

3 veggies (in addition to the green veggies)

2 grains (these should be whole grains)

1 bean serving

1 iron food

1 vit C source

3 fats

2 fruits

2 Liters of water



I'm really good at getting my calcium requirements, my eggs and protein, I'm better at the green veggies than I thought but could do better in the veggie department all around, lol... I try to aim for 1 bean dish a day but doesn't always make it... I'm great about getting my fats but refuse to be totally honest about how much fats I intake.. just because I have a very different view from my midwife and don't feel I need to limit healthy fats (butter, olive/coconut oil) and I'm great about my fruit intake... water... I aim for the 2L but generally only make 1 - 1.5L.


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I found I get swelling in my ankles in the evenings now after I have done anything over an hour of exercise and/or if I am standing all day- and/or with DS all day standing/sitting/walking. I found if I dont lay down a little during the day or sit in a comfortable chair I pretty much end up with swelling in the evenings- not always the case but when its hot like it was today I am swollen by dinner. .

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