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NW Boston Homeschool groups?

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Hi mamas, DH got a job in Lawrence, MA, and we are moving to the area (not sure where yet; we're looking at southern NH as well as all around Lawrence).  Our twins will be 5 in September, and I'm really interested in meeting some other homeschool families and joining a group, but I haven't found any yet.  Would love to get some input from you ladies!



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Hi there,


I haven't been on this website for about year,  but am researching something for the birth classes I teach and saw this!   I live in Lowell, which is 20 minutes away from Lawrence, and know lots of Lawrence people.  I'd love to chat off this site sometime if you want to email me -- kaedrac@gmail.com

I homeschool my kids currently, and you'd probably be helped by looking up these yahoo groups:  Greater Lawrence Homeschool Association, Billerica Homeschool Association, and there are groups for Haverhill and Southern NH.  There are all sorts of things happening around here, and while Lawrence has its rough side, there are a lot of very neat people there doing really wonderful things.  I'd love to know what is taking you to Lawrence. When you get to Lawrence, make sure you head to Cafe Verde, it is a good hub for community in the area.  There is also a food co-op on the way in Lawrence.  Personally, I love Lowell for a variety of reasons, but we also are really psyched about the property we live on.  Anyhow, feel free to contact me -- my kids are 6 (almost), 3.5, and 6 months, and I teach childbirth education and do much gardening. 

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