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Help cavities

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Hello everyone,


Has anyone been successful in getting rid of cavities by using cod liver, and butter oil? I have two cavities that I am trying to heal naturally.


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I'm in the process of trying to do so!

But I have really bad teeth; I had a severe oral sensitivity that would actually give me migraines every time I'd chew on something hard/cold/hot and it is almost gone now. It was due to a rotten tooth that affected the tooth nerve (this is what my holistic dentist told me).

I have started taking CLO and HVBO about a month back, 4 ml of CLO and 4 capsules of HVBO daily, I think this is the therapeutic dose. 

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Yes. We're seeing success with our 21 month old's decay. He's on FMCLO and BO, cell salts, and a diet change. We're also using Xylitol, MI Paste, and Iodine. 


Long story short, his decay appears to not have spread in a month and prior to that it was spreading VERY quickly. We went from white spots to enamel loss and brown staining in less than a month. It also appears is teeth are started to grow some new enamel and the staining has been significantly reduced. 

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