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Exercising options

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I was wondering what kind of excercising you do during your pregnancy and if you have any at home recommendations (videos, etc). With DD I walked a lot - at least 45 minutes of brisk walking a day in addition to the bradley method's squats and rocks and all those weird things. I really think the walking helped contribute to my easy(-ish) labor. Labor is never really easy, is it :-) 


But we've moved since then and we are in a more country area with only one main road that is very busy. We get a lot of fresh air and play in the yard but it doesn't get my heart rate up the same way. 


I'm thinking about either searching Craigslist for a treadmill to stick in our basement or trying some prenatal workout dvds. Neither sounds particularly enjoyable but I can probably tough it out for a few months. Have any of you used a video you thought was good, in terms of both the workout and the enjoyability? I checked out the only video our library has and it was really bad - seemed more like a "sit 'n be fit" video and was sooo boring. I've done yoga, pilates and cardio (dance/kickboxing style) classes before and liked pilates the best but I wasn't pregnant at the time so I don't know how I would feel now. And I know videos are not the same as classes but we are a one car family so if I want to be consistent, it will have to be something I can do at home. Ideas?



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I just do all the same high-intensity weight training that I would do if I wasn't pregnant and I've just been modifying things to do what feels comfortable. Body weight exercises are great to do at home: squats, planks, pushups and so forth. I also like sprints in the field by my house. Doesn't take much time to get in a good workout if you keep it short and intense. This may all change when I grow more and more, but for now it works great!

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Ive been doing pretty much everything the same, as long as it feels comfortable. I usually take the dog for a 1 hour walk with the baby in the stroller in the AM and another family walk with my husband/baby/dog in the late afternoon.  I am also doing a stroller bootcamp 3x a week, hike, and ride my two horses (nothing crazy like jumping or barrel racing). I pretty much am doing what I would do otherwise.....  As long as your Dr says its ok, I would follow your previous interests. If its a class, just let the instructor know you are pregnant ahead of time and modify parts of the workout that you are not comfortable with. I have done yoga and a pilates class pregnant. From what I understand, both pilates and yoga are very beneficial when pregnant.

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I bought a dvd, Summer Sanders prenatal workout, and I like it. There is also a crunch yoga mama on netflix that I want to try. I have an elliptical that I'm going to start doing too. I love being pregnant in summer, being outside is great. My last two I was pregnant over the winter and hardly exercised at all (ok, not at all) so this is a nice change.

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I didn't even think about netflix. That's a good idea since it will prevent boredom too.


Alas, I'm been having incredible pain hips pains lately and can barely walk right now. I never had pain this bad with my first pregnancy even at the end and I'm only 19 weeks now. I even caved and took tylenol last night but still spent a hour crying as I tried to find a comfortable position to sit/lay/exist. Is't this supposed to be the comfortable stage? I only got done throwing up two weeks ago. I've got a chiropractic appointment on Monday so hopefully that will help enough. I feel like its a cycle - I start to have aches and pains then can't excercise as much which brings on more aches and pains! I think if I could get back into yoga or pilates it would help keep the aches at bay but if I can't even tailor sit, I'm not sure how that will be possible. 

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Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the pain! Hopefully the chiropractor can help you out with that. Maybe try swimming if other things are too painful. Swimming is great exercise and very easy on your joints. The best thing for me to get on a good exercise schedule is having a workout buddy. Maybe find someone else who would like to swim with you?

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