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My DD is 14 mo and has just begun to really eat solid foods about 3 weeks ago. She is still mostly breast fed. I have done elimination diets with her while she was EBF and we avoid gluten, dairy and legumes. I wanted to stay away from grains with her, but, the only way I could get her to eat was with Happy Baby Gluten Free puffs (rice, apple juice, sweet potato and vitamins). I thought we could start with these and transition into other foods. She also eats coconut flour pancakes, scrambled egg yolks and beef. I'm still working on introducing more foods.


So, the first week she did not have a BM for 5 days, I gave her a suppository and she went a lot.


Then into the 2nd week she didn't have another BM for 4 days, so I gave her another suppository and she went a normal amount. (I was nervous she was in pain because she has been very whinny since starting solids. BUT, she has also cut 2 teeth and has begun working on her 1st molars as well.)

Both times the pooh was thick like peanut butter and a dark orange (and stinky).


2 days later she went on her own and her pooh was green and mucousy. I know this is usually an indication of a food intolerance but I have also read that it is "normal" when baby transitions to solids. That was 2 days ago and we are halfway through the day and no pooh today.


So, my question is, does this sound like a food allergy or a typical transition into solids thing?