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A board (mostly) full of cranky and/or weepy mamas.. So glad we have this outlet where we can all share comfortably. :)


My trip to Vancouver relaxed me a bit, I think.. The professional part went well, and then I mostly took it easy. Hubby went up too, and it was so nice to be able to spend time together and cuddle. Now I'm back in Michigan, and I wish I could nest--I'll be so glad to be back in my own home! Two weeks to go. The even more exciting part about heading back home will be that we have the ultrasound the day after I get back. I'm looking more and more forward to seeing those images.


Is anyone else's babe transverse right now? I definitely have a head on the left and feet on the right, which I understand is fine for this stage of the pregnancy. It's neat to be able to discern that, though, and makes it all the more real. 


Tons to do this week, so hoping it's a good one physically.


OH! Ha. Editing to add: Last night I had a dream about.. remembering. Seriously, this was the whole theme of the dream. Not forgetting to do x, remembering to talk to someone about y. And with good reason.. I've definitely moved into the forgetfulness part of things. Strange, because my brain works just fine for work-related things, but the 'remembering to take the cup of coffee you just brewed with you' stuff is nooot so good these days.

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Ah time to cuddle would be nice. The only thing my husband is ever trying to do is getting on top of me. It's getting on my nerves. I'm so exhausted once the kids are in bed that I just wanna be left alone. He asks if I wanna come to bed and 'cuddle' but I always know where it's going.


Anywway, I actually came here to ask @Ava'sMomma: How did your ultrasound go and do you know what you're having?

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Ava'sMomma -- Yes! How did the u/s go?!


Finally sit down to get on the computer and all hell breaks loose.  I'm taking two minutes anwyay.  Because dangit, I feel like it's a DARN GOOD DAY!  Or maybe it's just because I got the "hey, your teeth are awesome!" at the dentist's office today ;)  (I loathe the dentist office like no other... it used to make me soooo nervous and actually CRY just through a teeth cleaning! but now I have a fabulous hygenist and she talks running with me and is just the greatest, kindest person and makes a world of difference!).   And, everybody slept pretty well last night. Makes a world of difference... especially with dh gone all week!


And, just a few pics because I've been sewing a lot lately!


Some small diapers



A newborn diaper (much cuter in person... must get out of the nice camera instead of just my phone!)




And.... a cute little shirt from a new pattern that I can see myself loving and making more of!



Now to play referree and figure out some dinner to eat for these wild, gross kids of mine! (yes, wiping noses on each other, pulling hair, fighting... oh... just having a great time ;) )!

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Sorry everyone is so cranky. I am generally cranky anyway, so I haven't noticed any difference. lol.gif I am very weepy though. I cry *at least* once per day.


Ava's Mama - I think girl for you. luxlove.gif


hyde - baby is loooooww. I can feel kicks on my cervix and over my pubic bone ALL the time. And I feel pressure in the rest of my lower abdomen. I don't know what position that means? I have a very hard time visualizing baby in there. 

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Blahhhh, add me to the cranky bandwagon!


I went into my midwive's office yesterday.  Come to find out one of my favorite midwives resigned suddenly. 

THEN I find out that they want me to do my consent visit with the midwives next month.  I'm attempting a VBAC or VTOL (vaginal trial of labor) as the OBs there call it.  Blah.  I had an appointment scheduled with my favorite midwife in the practice, but since it is a longer appointment they rescheduled and I now have it with my least favorite midwife, the one who was there when I had the c/s.  To discuss opting out of another c/s.  I'm just sick about it.  After this visit, they schedule one around 30wks with the OBs so they can scare the hell out of you and try to get you to not sign the consent.  I hate this.  I'm so sad about not getting my homebirth now. 

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Thank you Beans and 5boysplus for your kind words last week when I was scared and overwhelmed. Unfortunatly my concerns were real and my sweet  baby was born yesterday morning. It saddens me to no end to say goodbye to you all but I send my heartfelt good wishes to you all in your pregnancies.



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so sorry love bug :hugs
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Lovebug there are truly no words I am so sorry.  I wish you and your family well on your recovery both physically and emotionally.

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So sorry Love Bug. You and your family are in my thoughts. candle.gif

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Love Bug, I am so very sorry to hear this.  I am keeping you in my thoughts.

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Love Bug - I am so sorry for your loss, heal well, my heart breaks for you.


AFM - I just got home from my ultasound and ITS A BOY, thank you all for thinking of me today!

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oh love bug.... i'm so sorry. sending comforting thoughts to you and your family.

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Oh, lovebug, I'm so heartbroken for the loss of your sweet little boy. May he rest in peace and may your family be surrounded with light, love, and peace.
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love bug- I'm so sorry for your loss:( I hope you have the chance to rest, take care of yourself and feel real loved.

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Oh, no, love bug. :( I'm so, so sorry.

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So sorry. I missed you posting last week. I had no idea...
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Oh, love bug. I am so sorry. 

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So very sorry, Love Bug. hug.gif
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LoveBug so very sorry to hear your very sad news.  RIP your precious little boy candle.gif, and wishing for peace and healing for you and your family grouphug.gif

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LoveBug, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.   :hugs

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