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Ah, Mole, sounds like a rough start!  I hope you are feeling better.  I am ashamed (well I guess not really) to admit that I have already peed myself several times from sneezing.  Ugh.  I don't remember this happening so early last time but truthfully, I don't seem to remember much from last time!


Can I complain a little bit?  We are trying to move and looking for a rental home is a total drag.  I have yet to find the right combination of things on my list and I am starting to wonder if I am going to have to compromise.  We are going from owning to renting too, which I struggle with a bit.  I am afraid we'll sign a lease and then the next day, my perfect house will be found.  I guess that's the beauty of renting - it's a small commitment.  I just really don't like this process!  I want to feel settled.  Nesting is so unsatisfying when I know we'll be packing up soon. 

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Hi everyone!


Just wanted to introduce myself to the group.  I'm due with di/di twin girls on Sept 30, which is completely surreal to me. I was sure I was having a boy and a girl right until the U/S.


I've definitely been feeling the crankiness/weepiness for the past few weeks.  At least I can (mostly) control it so my poor DH doesn't have to face my wrath anymore. 


I did start tearing up when talking to my coworker a few days ago and he was absolutely petrified.  Luckily, he's a friend and knows me, but for the rest of the week he's only spoken to me in soft, gentle tones.


That's it for me, I've been lurking here for awhile so I thought I'd peek in and say hi.

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Welcome LemonTwist! Wow, twin girls, how exciting! Are they your first?


Jend, moving sucks. I love hypothetical house shopping but hate doing it for real. At this point, we are planning to stay where we are for a few more years even though I'd love a bit more space and a newer house. My problem is that we've always been a bit up in the air as to how long we'll be here so there are a lot of things I haven't done just in case we move in the next year or so, such as a desperately needed kitchen reno.


 Mole, I think that discribes pregnancy pretty well! Sometimes I think it's designed to make sure we have no dignity left before the baby arrives and begins to embarrass and humiliate us on a regular basis!


Congratulations to everyone finding out if their little ones are boys or girl or both! I love how real it seems once we are at this stage, and it's one of my favourite things about being in a DDC, that we can all share our excitement about these milestones!


AFM, DH is out of town at a boys only hockey tournament until Monday so DD and I are on our own for a few days. A friend with a new baby is supposed to drop by so I can show her how to wrap, but I haven't heard from her yet so we are just hanging out so far. There's a major construction project happening right in front of my house right now (I think they are upgrading the  neighbourhood's water and sewer lines as well as eventually repairing sidewalks, upgrading lights etc.) and the dump trucks, excavators and other big equipment are keeping my daughter entertained. I just wish they didn't start at 7:00 AM!


My exciting news for the week is that my FIL has a small chest freezer he's getting rid of so DH is bringing it home with him on Monday. I've been making due with just the freezer on our fridge but I really want to make some more freezer meals and buy in bulk occassionally and I just haven't had the space.


In baby news, I'm feeling a ton of movement over the last week or so, but it's all really low so I suspect this babe is breach right now (I know it doesn't matter at this point.) Before that, I was feeling everything really high so I'm pretty sure baby flipped about a week ago and hopefully will flip back before it's any sort of problem.


Sorry to everyone who's been moody. I'm not too, too bad but I do seem to get my feelings hurt really easily, especially when I'm trying to talk to DH and he doesn't seem to be listening. :/ Pregnancy hormones are a pain! 


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Re: Peeing in pants - I too sneezed this morning and peed!  My DD was like "mama, what happened?" when I immiediately took off my pants (in the kitchen) and put them in the laundry.  She is three so she totally understands a dribble here and there!  It makes me feel better that others are having the same problem!


I am 20 weeks today!  I feel like my belly has popped, starting to feel a lot of stretching going on and Braxton Hicks as well.  I feel really good though.  We decided on a name today, so that is helping me a lot to bond with baby :)

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lol.gif I can relate to pants peeing. That has happened to me TWICE this week while brushing my teeth. Every time I try to brush my back molars, I violently gag. Usually I prepare by crossing my legs (yep, it has happened so often, I have a plan LOL) but sometimes it catches me off guard. 


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Oh wow, I am so sorry that the peeing accidents are happening to other people, but it is a comfort to know that it is one flavor of normal :). Ava- congrats on choosing a name. We chose two names years before we started conceiving and still like them very much. Carlin- What I wouldn't do for an extra freezer. Electricity is VERY expensive here so it just is not an affordable option for us. Our apartment came with a small fridge/freezer and we bought a new one that is as big as will fit in our small kitchen (with the A++ energy rating, so we hypothesized that even though it was bigger, it was newer and more effecient so wouldn't cost that much more in electricity), but it is still much smaller than most US fridge/freezers. We are both avid cookers and eaters and our ingredient storage needs will expand to fill any space available to us :). Our top shelf in the fridge is just for pickled foods! We've tried a couple times now to clear out space in the freezer so that we can freeze breastmilk when the time comes for that... And the empty space gets filled right up. For some reason I had never made my own sorbet until recently, and now I am making it, and we are LOVING it. So frozen fruit and sorbet are taking up a lot of formerly empty space. And juice is buy one get one free right now, so my sweetheart is off to buy as much juice as he thinks we can fit in our fridge. My fetus has found more room higher up! I still feel it moving a lot, but it is MUCH less painful. Biking uphill is more comfortable. I'm so glad it found the extra room. I think the handstands helped and I'm going to keep doing handstands every night before going to bed. 

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I have a cold, dd stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday and shared with me.  I got home from work and announced to dh that I just wanted to go to bed.  About 5 minutes later a co-worker called and told me her parents' neighbor, who is also one of her husband's co-workers was having a garage sale.  I got a stroller/carseat combo and a pack & play and a few other small things.  They're all in great shape and I spent less than buying just the stroller/carseat alone new!  Score!


My U/S showed the placenta is anterior and at the top of my uterus so that's why I haven't felt a whole lot of movement, but I am starting to feel more.  Dd said the baby looked like a cat on the US.  They did get one shot with a really creepy looking eyeball that did sort of look like a cat face, I guess. 


I'm not as crabby as I had been, I'm sure dh and dd are thankful.  Dd's grandpa took her on a short trip this weekend, so it's just dh and I for a couple of days.  We don't really have any plans, I've been trying to attack the laundry in the basement.  It's never, ever caught up and for some reason, I really want all the laundry in the house done.  I'm not sure I can get it all this weekend (yes, there's THAT much) but I'm going to try.  That's my goal, to get and keep the laundry caught up before the baby comes!  It's been YEARS since all the laundry has been caught up.  I'm sorting and donating stuff as it comes through because we have way too many clothes. 

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Mole -- sorbet sounds sooooo good -- even right this minute at 7:07am!!

And add me to the pee-while-you-sneeze club. Isn't it beautiful? ! wink1.gif

I'm 20 weeks today!!!! Yesterday finally went to the storage room in the basement and looked through my old maternity clothes and brought up two pairs of jeans. I can still wear my normal jeans, but these are soooo much more comfortable!!

Ava's Mama -- how exciting to already have a name!! Thats great!!

I'm off to pick up our co-op produce basket!
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nukuspot: I did a google image search for "pregnant sex positions" for another thread and your avatar for some reason was on the first page of results!
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Mole, Homemade Sorbet sounds unbelievable! Can you point me to somewhere that has directions on how to do it? I've been struggling along with just the fridge/freezer for years and it was a real problem last year now that I have a somewhat productive garden. We went with a chest freezer because they use a tiny fraction of the energy that an upright or fridge/freezer combo does. The one we are getting is just a tiny apartment sized one, so I hope it gives me the space we need without increasing our power bills any more.


So glad you are feeling more comfortable. I think this baby is pretty low too. I actually got kicked in the cervix a couple times last night (ouch) which is something that never happened with DD as she was head down pretty early. I'm not sure I'm up for headstands, but I'm going to try some inverted positions and see if that helps.


Ava'sMama, Yay for names! Are you sharing or keeping it to yourself until baby arrives? I'm in the keep it to ourselves camp, DH is a sharer, so we share. I get pretty much everything else my way when it comes to pregnancy and birth so it's a minor thing and I can live with it.


AmySue, Know you aren't alone in dealing with the laundry monster this weekend! DH is away and my goals are to get the laundry caught up and get our room back in shape as it's become a bit of a dumping ground. I know a clean and tidy bedroom makes me calmer and right now it just irritates me everytime I walk throught the door (and it's mostly my fault so I can't blame anyone else for the mess.) Good luck getting through the pile!


Judybean, congrats on 20 weeks! And on being comfortable in your clothes. I literally have one pair of jeans and two pairs of yoga pants that are semi comfortable right now. I really don't want to go buy anything and was hoping I could borrow from friends but offers have not been forthcoming, so I'm going to have to break down and pick up some stuff pretty soon.


AFM, DD woke me up at 4 AM and it took me a couple hours to get back to sleep. The good news was that the baby was moving like crazy so it was kind of fun to lay there and feel him or her move around while listening to the birds wake up. Luckily DD slept in this morning too, so I'm not too wiped out.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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I got a new phone yesterday -- a Droid RAZR! I love it! This page loads so much faster now for me!

Dh got back yesterday evening after being gone all week and it's good to have him back! And, last night he got to feel the baby move on the outside!! He was so excited! It's nice especially because we don't get ultrasounds, so hearing the heartbeat and feeling movement are his only ways of experiencing things!

Dd4 is still nursing... more than I'd like a lot of times... plus, I think her latch has been off or I'm super sensitive because my nipples feel sore and hyper sensitive. But... I can't see her weaning any time soon. There are still 20 weeks left, so there's hope wink1.gif, but otherwise we might be looking more into tandem nursing.
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Carlin -- I meant to say before that I'm excited and jealous of your freezer! We desperately need one! But for some reason it always slips down tge priority scale!

We were planning to go to Yellowstone tomorrow because national parks are free this week, but the east entrance (just over two hours from us) is still closed (snow and such... a high elevation). The next nearest park entrance is five hours away and we can't do it. Bummer! We'll have to figure out something else fun to do!
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Sorbet- 1) make a simple syrup of 1/3 cup water + 1/3 cup white sugar. Stir it on med heat, sugar will dissolve, allow it to boil for 1 minute while stirring a lot. Let simple syrup cool. 2) measure 450 g of frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, and banana is an amazing combination! but any frozen fruit will be delicious). 3) blend frozen fruit, simple syrup, and a healthy shot of lemon juice until it is blended. if your blender can't handle the frozen fruit, wait for fruit to soften enough for your blender. 4) eat and/or put it into an empty ice cream container and freeze. Note: The directions I read suggested blending a second time after freezing, but I didn't find any improvement in texture. This might be blender dependent as I have one of the super-powered blenders.  

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Yes - we share the name - it will be Brody Young Additon, Young is my maiden name and my DH suggested using it as the middle name which I thought was cool and thoughtful!  With our DDD we had a name picked out well before conceiving, so I was going crazy wanting to make a decision on the name for our new baby!

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Ava'sMama, That's a great name! Brody is really cute. I love when Maiden names works so nicely as middle names. unfortunately mine doesn't really fit in that category or I'd love to do what you did!

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I feel like I'm so behind on this thread, so I'll just do a quick update.


I hit 18 weeks on Tuesday - finally feel like this pregnancy is starting to pick up steam.  It's been dragging up to this point.  Still working out, and my Etsy shop is kind of going crazy right now, so that's keeping me super busy. And then I started blogging again about all our houses changes (decorative, we live in a 5 year old house) - but can you say nesting, anyone?  


I haven't been feeling much movement (compared to my last 2) at all this time around!  I had that one crazy night with tons of movement, and not much since.  This past week has been a bit better - so at least when I feel something it's a big stronger so I know that it is, in fact, the baby, but just weird not feeling much.  I'm wondering if my placenta is in front. I've been noticing a bit of the kicking down by the cervix, though.  Always comfortable (not!).  When I had my last appt, she made sure to listen right away, and babe was moving and I want' feeling anything, which made me feel better.  And now I'm feeling like I told you all this before and am repeating myself (pregnancy brain!!!).  


Hoping to follow along more closely in the coming weeks!  



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