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Gender Reveal

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I know most of the momma's in our DDC are not finding out gender, but I wanted to share our joy anyways :) We are super excited to be welcoming a baby girl into our family!!!

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Congrats on your girl icy02!! How exciting! Love the nature pics and the pretty pink balloons against the blue sky. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful. How did your boys react to the new they are getting a sister?!


ps we find out in about 12 days. I will just be so thankful for a healthy babe, but am secretly hoping for another sweet boy. Dh and boys are hoping for a girl. We'll find out soon!

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awww congratulations! And what a cute way to tell...I love those balloons in the sky!!

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I'm so excited that our group is at the stage we can find out gender already! 

I agree, what a great way to reveal! I'm only 13 weeks, so I still have time, but you've inspired me to think of something creative!


Edited to add: Congratulations!

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Hey everyone,

I don't want to make a big deal about this, but I wonder if we could change our use of terms for this from gender to sex.  Sex refers to the physical characteristics, while gender is socially constructed. For a lot of people their sex and gender do not correlate, and many therefore identify as transgendered. We have a number of queer and transgendered individuals that use MDC (including myself), and I think it's important that we use the correct terminology to talk about sex and gender to be inclusive and raise awareness.

Many thanks.


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I certainly don't mind at all - thank you Dandylez love.gif

I will say though (as a friendly public service announcement), that I'm not sure if the groups are searchable on google - if so, using key *graphic* (I know we're not using them in this way) words together like "s--" and "kids" can unfortunately have some creepy eyes finding us ( I only mention this b/c over the years I've seen members talk about this issue, and want to remind people who post pics of their kids or give more personal information) 


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Congratulations! So exciting! I'm only 13 weeks so I've still got a while for my ultrasound. I'm hoping for a baby girl this time around, but will be just as happy to have a boy. We'll see. Congrats again! 

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Congratulations! And I love the way you revealed this! (and I cannot wait to find out what we're having so no waiting here!)



Total aside:

Dandy, thanks for pointing that out. I'm a sociology professor and teach sometimes in the area of sex/gender/sexuality. I also like to point out that 'sex' itself is a social construct, so far that we have constructed a binary system of sex, which doesn't allow for other possibilities when, biologically, there is much more variation.

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yay congrats on the girl! I can't wait to find out but i need to wait until the end of may...

ugh soooooooo far away!

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That's an awesome way to find out! I kept baby #1 a secret, but I'm definitely finding out what this next one is... how did you find out so soon?

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14 week gender ultra sound.  It's the same place I went to with DS2.  Amazingly beautiful, brand new 4D machine, and awesome gender tech's :) Glad I didn't have to wait til my 20 week anatomy scan!

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