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Spotting and No heartbeat detected on abdominal ultrasound. Unsure and sad:(

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Hey girls, I need some advice. Went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and my Doctor said everything looked perfect. At 7 weeks and a bit, i started spotting. Was admitted overnight for observation because of my previous mc, and injected with progesterone. Now on oral progesterone tablets, and my last ultrasound 7.5 weeks they said everything looked good with the baby, it was growing. But they still cant detect the heartbeat with the abdominal ultrasound. I'm still spotting lightly, but the progesterone seems to be keeping that under control. My cervix is closed so i dont know where the bleed is coming from. Highly stressed, but praying so hard and begging God not to take baby away... My next appointment is on thursday. Will be 8 weeks and 4 days. My doctor told me that it worries him he cant see it, another doctor told me to wait it out. I'm so lost...:(

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hug.gif Hang in there and hold on to hope. 7.5 weeks can still be too early to see a heartbeat on ultrasound. Many times a vaginal ultrasound is done that early in pregnancy, as it can pick up the heartbeat earlier than an abdominal ultrasound. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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The spotting could just be from a sensitive cervix or a "node" that has been bumped. As scary as spotting is in pregnancy, it is very common. I personally routinely experience spotting in early pregnancy (this is my 7th pregnancy) when DH and I bd.

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Thanks for the encouragement. My DH and i have abstained since the positive hpt, just to be on the safe side...redface.gif But i did overexert myself the day before the spotting started, Running around and going for a brisk walk uphill. They did not want to do a transvaginal the day of the ultrasound because of the spotting. But Doctors can be prophets of doom and gloom sometimes:D , One says it should be seen, the other one says it could go either way, .... Its up to God i guess. Its growing...so thats my hope.

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No advice but I'm hoping everything is okay!!!

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Hang in there!!  Spotting can be very common.  It is still early and the baby is growing, so that is a very good sign.  I can't imagine the stress you're enduring right now, and my heart is going out to you.  I've had 3 losses, but it was clear I was losing the baby each time. :(  I'm hopeful that you are just having some bumps on the road to a very healthy pregnancy and baby.  Rest as much as you can, and hang in there.  (((HUGS)))

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Don't lose hope!  I think that it is still early to see that little hb on an abdominal u/s.  I went in at 6w2d for a vaginal u/s and we saw the hb, but it didn't just jump right out, you had to look for it to see it and I had to be really really still for her to pick it up and measure the hb.

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6 and 7 weeks seems really early to use an abdominal US.  I bet they just couldn't see enough to get the heart rate.

I hope everything looks great on your next US...hang in there.

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Thanks alot, hugs:) i'm hanging in there.. I have my moments:) but keeping the faith and praying very very hard. Thanks again


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Okay Now i'm just plain confused... On the 4th of april My doctor measured the pregnancy at 6 week 1 day. Now on the 19th of april, he measures it at 7 weeks 4 days. Still no heartbeat, but he seems okay about it. Did a transvaginal u/s this time. told me to come back in two weeks...:) not sure what to think

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I can only second the hopes and thoughts of the other moms on the board.  It sounds like there is a lot of confusion surrounding the age of your baby...which will only add to your stress levels.  Big hugs!

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