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3D shots from our 4D ultrasound

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Had a 4D scan done, since my mother-in-law has never been to one, we didn't wait for 34 weeks like last time, went at 27 1/2... so these are what we got:


Baby's eyelids open at 26 weeks. Just in time for us to get a couple shots with baby's eyes open!






Grumpy butt



Seems to be signing "I love you" (this is by far my fav because of that)



Sweet baby face <3






I was surprised at how chubby baby is already.

Anyone else have a 4D done yet?

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Wow! Those are amazing. The second one is so cute.

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Oh my goodness, those are just precious!  How amazing and beautiful your baby is.  :)  I didn't realize that you could get such an amazing level of detail with the 4D. 

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We went in already familiar with the place and the tech, she did our 4D last time and we knew we would get great shots. She actually remembered us as well, which of course makes you feel awesome when it's been 2 years, you know?


I've seen some shots from other people that make me wonder why they even spent money on it, you can't really tell it's even a baby. I was glad they were able to get us in here (it was a last minute thing, so my mother-in-law could go) so we didn't have to risk it with some other place.

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this is all such a foreign concept to me. we have the regular ultrasounds up here and thats it. i'm not even sure if you can get 4D in canada anywhere, at least not anywhere close to where i live. and to have to pay for them...to have family go in with you..seems so crazy! i guess because here it's all for medical reasons only, they just let dh in and only after they've done all the measurements and gotten all of the info that they need. 

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for our medical one, hubby and DD2 was able to be in the room the entire time, watching. 

for this one, we had to pay out of pocket at a place that specifically does them.


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Those are pretty cool!  Your new baby's mouth area looks a lot like your daughter's in your avatar picture - you can already see the family resemblance!

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yeah they both got daddy's mouth. I don't mind though, it's a nice mouth :)

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She/He is SO CUTE!  I love the grumpy face!  That's neat about the "I Love You" sign.  My Terran started making this sign the day he was born and we saw him do it lots of times when he was a baby, it was so sweet!  


I had a 3d ultrasound with my first that gave me nightmares.  Everyone told me I would be able to see such a clear picture that would look like a baby and show his face and everything.  I was late, like 34 or 35 weeks, I think.  But he looked like Skeletor or some kind of monster and it looked like he had a hole where his nose should be; he definitely didn't look cute! -this was 10 years ago and I think the 3d thing was new; I guess the scans are better now.  He did have a perfectly nice nose and was very cute when he was born, btw, so I was relieved!  But I haven't wanted to do another 3d scan since!

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yeah 10 years ago it was cutting edge technology!  I didn't even hear about them until my second pregnancy 7 years ago and even then they weren't available


as well by 34/35 weeks, baby is pretty squished, so that's probably why he looked so weird. They suggest, for best pictures, to go between 27 and 34, but more in the middle of the two is best for chubby baby who isn't squished.

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