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any advice appreciated, so many pills.

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Hello, I'm new here and would love some advice from anyone in the same situation. I'm 43 (as of March). I have children from my first marriage and have remarried. My husband and I are trying for one, (he has no biological children). I've been doing tons of research via internet and it has led me here. In Feb my period was light, I took Vitex all last month (March) and had no period, so this month I stopped the vitex and bought maca root.  Also, To try and get my period going I'm on day 2 of parsley tea and bought dong quai, I haven't started the dong quai yet, I wasn't sure if it was okay to take it along side the tea?  (My pills I take are listed below). Any advice on the ones I'm taking? Any advice about anything though would be so appreciated! Thank You very much for your input. Best of luck to everyone here:)




As of today-Mornings... Maca root 525 mg ea ..2 pills in the a.m.

Flax seed oil softgel 1,000 mg ea ..1 in the a.m.

B-12 100 mcg ea..1 in the a.m.

B-6 100 mg ea...1 in the a.m.

Royal jelly  softgels 500 mg ea...2 in the a. m.


Afternoon- Maca Root 525 mg ea...1 at lunch

Royal jelly 500 mg ea....1 at lunch


Evening- Maca Root 525 mg ea...1 at bedtime

Royal Jelly 500 mg ea...1 at bedtime

FlaxSeed oil softgels 1,000 mg ea...1 at bedtime

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How long have you been trying? Are you charting? If it's been more than a few months, IMO you should see a doctor and see if everything is in order with you and your husband, and try to get to the bottom of anything that might be stopping you from conceiving. At your age (sorry!) you really should get any issues addressed right away rather than just trying to treat symptoms. Some women still get pregnant naturally at 43, but for those who need help, waiting even a few months to get it can make it less effective. You don't really have any time to lose playing around with supplements and seeing if they help or not. Sorry to be so blunt.

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Oh no blunt is good, thank you. Yes I've thought about my age too. We've only been trying since Feb. I've been temping and can't seem to make heads or tails of it. Is there a place to post charts here? Thanks for your advice.

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I know you can make your own thread with questions about your chart. I am not too familiar with this particular board so maybe someone else can brief you on the other different threads. Best of luck--charting can be really baffling.

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There is a great thread here



for women over 40 ttc. they are a great and loving group and will answer your questions.

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heyy :)  i am only 17 but the way my husband an i got pregnant was by of course having sex, you can try the things i did, use a heating pad on your pelvis, and or do some hand stands with the sperm still inside (lol) make sure he doesnt drink mountan dew, the same day you try it makes your sperm count low. if he has low testosterone that could be why ou arent able to get pregnant. those are my thoughts!! i hope it helpss :)

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He doesn't drink dew, but I love it.

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well then you can take that of the posibility list!!! :) 

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also its just a thougut but the raspberry leaf tea that put some women into labor, is also used for strengthining womens uterus and such. so you could try drinking that and it might have some positive effect. it taste like chi tea at chinese resturnants, its not as horrible as they say!!! the organic kind is the best.

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