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Anyone hire a doula for their UC?

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Hi ladies, 


I'm about 14 weeks along now, and starting to plan some of the logistics of our planned UC. I intend to UP as well. 


My hubby is fully onboard with the idea of UCing, but we've both agreed that we would like an extra support person. We have a three year old, and the logistics of where he will be, and how long my labor might take have us thinking that a doula would be a very good idea. 


We move a lot, and love our current location although we had not initially intended on having the baby here. However, on a whim, we started to contact a few doulas in the area to see if staying in the area was a possibility for the birth. It seems that no doula in the area would feel 'comfortable' attending a UC birth. 


We're fine with moving on to a better area for the birth, but after being turned down a few times, now I'm wondering if hiring a doula is even a possibility wherever we are! Does anyone have advice on how to seek out the right sort of doula, or any insight on whether or not we'll be able to find one in a more open-minded area. 


I'm really just wanting labor support...nothing outside the realm of normal doula stuff. 

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I am having my doula at my UC birth. I consider her my "lifeguard" someone who is outside of the situation other than my husband that can support me and let me know if I need to change my plans. I would say that when you are looking for someone you need to interview a few and see who fits best with you. Also, sometimes you can find someone who is looking to become a midwife so they may have more knowledge or experience than others depending on what all you want. Hope that helps some and that you find what you are looking for :)

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I also plan to have a very close friend of mine (who happens to have a degree in nursing) and her husband here for our next UC (coming up very soon!!).  I want them to be able to watch our twins, be there for my husband, and help with things in general.  I am also really wanting it videotaped this time, so I delegated that task to her, telling her to "do whatever it takes."  Lol.


A big reason I chose who I did was not only do I feel very comfortable around them, but they have a calming effect on me and 100% support our decision to UC.


I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable around someone I hadn't known for a while though.

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I had a Doula at my birth, I met with her and let her know I was wanting to UC, at first she wasn't sure so I gave her a bunch to read and we met up about a week later and she was 100% wanting to support us. I mainly wanted her to help with my other 3 kids and I wanted to know who would be supporting me in case I went into labor before my DH got home and I chose to have another hospital birth.

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I've been wondering about this too, for me the issue is that I have noticed that many of the doulas in the area are also midwives.   They do doula services or midwife, and I'm not sure if it would be bad ettiquette or not for me to ask a midwife to be a doula for me at an UC birth?

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lol, I wouldn't mind that situation, but I feel like they'd be unlikely to be super supportive because of the liabilities they normally work under as midwives...you know?


Idk, we're still hoping to find one, but it seems tricky. 

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I don't......my husband  or my mom does anything I would want the doula to do.

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I had a doula for my UBAC I know plenty of doulas in my area who never would of taken the job but i found a wonderful one who didn't mind at all. Since their job isn't medical there is no more legal liability then if your MIL was there, or a neighbor. 

I'd keep asking around and meeting with doulas. You just need someone that jives with you and wants to help you birth your way. 


I felt it was really important to have a doula at my UC, I needed someone there who knew birth both professionally and personally and was like a PP said an 'outside voice of reason' She was able to help me physically and mental and point out things happening in my labor that my husband wasn't able to see (like she spied the bag of waters protruding out. DH would have no idea what that was.)

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I was hired as a Doula for my friends UBAC, but she labored too quickly and I missed the birth. I was still able to help with all the fun after birth stuff. :)

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some wont because they could go to jail if found out in some states. Like where I live. You have to be sooo med trained here to be at a birth that the women might as well go to an OB. so only true UC is legal here or go to H or have a cert midwife that will do just what they do in H anyway. control you and not do what you want. no respect in H in this state. just very prideful Drs, midwives!!!!!

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I loved having a doula at my first UC, and would love to find one that would do it again!  It's just nice to have somebody else there.  Like if there was an emergency, someone to deal with phone people, so dh can be with me and baby.  (also, I have found that lots of people who don't know you can give birth outside a hospital, don't know what a doula is - and calm down a lot if she answers the phone, because at least someone is there who knows what she is doing, lol!)

I am not sure I would be comfortable with a doula who was also a midwife.  That sounds like a perfect combo for a hosp. birth, but it would change my feelings during a UC.  I would know that she was trained in birth, and would end up relying on her, not myself.

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