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Any boy/girl predictions yet?

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While a boy would make life easier for us (our youngest is a boy), I have a strong feeling this is a girl.  


I was wrong with my daughter (swore she was a boy) but right with my son.  I mean, I realize I have a 50/50 chance of being right anyhow...but still fun to guess.  


...and follow up question - will you find out boy or girl?  Because this is our third, we have one of each already, and we got rid of all of our baby stuff after #2...we've decided to find out. 

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we have one of each too, and I'm predicting girl. I had totally opposite pregnancies with my first two, and this one is exactly like my pregnancy with my daughter. 

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I swore I was pg with a boy last time. Dh was the only one out of our families that guessed girl correctly. 


This time, he says boy. We're finding out, so we'll see if he's right again!

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Well, we have 3 girls.  I thought boy the first 2 times.  I figure girl this time since I can't really imagine having a boy.  Obviously a girl would be easier because we have all the clothes and toys smile.gif but we will be thrilled with a boy or girl (I know dh would really love another girl).  Most of my friends and family are pulling for boy.  


ETA:  No we won't be finding out before baby is born.

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We have 2 girls, and I think boy this time... mainly b/c we had a loss 2 years ago (that I know was a boy), my husband really wants a son and we've been praying for a boy.  In october, on our anniversary, my husband and I went to dinner and the whole time in the car we were talking about how much we wanted to have another baby, and how nice/different it would be to have a boy.  After dinner we were walking down a very busy city street.  This man was asking for money, my husband gave some to him and as we walked away the man said, completely out of the blue, "You're going to have a boy."  We were stunned and felt like it was way too big of a coincidence.  This man had no way of knowing our previous conversation in the car. 


So, I think that man was prophetic.  But we'll be finding out in 10ish weeks.  I'd be thrilled either way, though.

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I have had very stong inclinations with my previous two and have been right both times! This pregnancy differs from both of them but is probably more similar to my pregnancy with my son than my daughter. I kind of have a mild "boy" vibe, but don't have the strong feeling I did with my previous kiddos. I prefer a girl for various reasons but of course all I really care about is a healthy baby! We did not find out the sex last time and I generally do not do routine ultrasounds unless there is a clear indication, but this baby was a surprise and DH is having trouble connecting with the pregnancy so we will see how we feel later on. 

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I knew DS1 was a boy (and we found out), but DS2 I had no idea (and didn't find out until the birth). Everyone was telling me girl, and I wanted a girl, so there was never any good intuition there. This time, I have no idea. Timing wise, I'd guess girl based on my chart, but who knows.


DH really wants to find out the gender this time. I don't. As much as I was hoping for a girl last time, I knew it wouldn't matter at all once baby was in my arms and I loved the idea of not knowing until I chose to check a good ten minutes or so after he was born. And I was right--there was not any momentary disappointment whatsoever like there probably would have been had I found out at 20 weeks.

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I have 3 boys.  We have never found out before birth.

My first I really thought it was a boy.  My second I didn't know either way so bought a few pink things and dresses just in case.

My third I kind of felt like it was a boy but still managed to buy a few pink sleepers just in case.

I think it's safe to say I'm not buying anything pink this time around.



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I don't have any super strong feelings this time around... Although if I had to guess I would say girl. DH also had a dream that the baby is a girl. But we've also both talked about hoping for a girl, so that preference could be affecting dreams/intuition. Of course we'd be delighted with a boy as well. It would be a lot of fun to have two boys 22 months apart!

We're planning to find out the sex at my anatomy scan ultrasound in June.
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I already think it's a girl. I have 3 girls and 2 boys and my girl symptoms and boy symptoms were very different. I definitely am having my "girl symptoms"...acne, just a little queasy here and there, & feeling like I could cry at everything. With my boys I was much, much more nauseous but none of the other stuff and just felt different than I did with my girls. Of course to even things out a boy would be great but I would be pretty surprised, lol!! My mom also had a dream that I was having a girl and she's usually pretty spot on. Guess we'll see in a couple months...can't wait!!! My guesses are have been right with all but one.

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We both want a girl, so we think it's probably a boy. Haha. Of course we will be thrilled with either, though. We are definitely finding out before the birth.

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I don't have a strong feeling either way. I sort of think girl because the pregnancy is so similar so far but that's all really. We'd prefer another girl and we definitely want to find out when we get the anatomy scan done.
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I don't have a strong feeling either way.  With my last pregnancy I was sure we were going to have a boy and turned out we had a girl (which was what we wanted).  This time I feel like my symptoms (or lack of) are more consistent with my first pregnancy with my son.  DH wants another boy but it doesn't really matter to me, sometimes I lean towards boy and sometimes toward girl.  We are not finding out the sex until the birth.

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