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Amusing article

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Did anyone else see this story? I can't help but laugh a bit every time I read a story like this. I just keep thinking of what the Emergency Childbirth Manual says ( written by OBs...) that honestly, in almost all cases, no one needs to do anything..woman's body was designed to handle it all by ourselves. More beautifully still.....how many of these cases ( where a healthy, full-term baby accidentally comes too fast) have a bad outcome? These are almost always happy stories...further proof.


Anyhow, I can understand where they would be upset- choosing a hospital delivery and then not being able to find any of the doctors. Beautiful baby girl :)

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This happened to my neighbors, they had their boy about 3 years ago, they saved the newspaper! I thought the hospital's official comment (in the article) was total BS! Just legalese and CYA!

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Lol I like how people think something like this is so amazing (the dad catching the baby).


Baby catching is quite simple...it is pretty funny that the doctor couldn't make it though.  Hospitals are so safe to birth in, especially when they're understaffed! :)

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