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Looking for a home birth midwife in the Salt Lake area

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I'm looking for recommendations for a home birth midwife in the Salt Lake area.


I'm not 100% set on someone who is licensed; I'd much rather someone who is experienced and who has good references.


Can anyone provide me with suggestions and additional background info on providers you've used?


Thank you!

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search the forum, there are some good threads here.  I can't recommend Melissa Mayo enough.  Her back up, Chris Miller is awesome, too. 

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I know there are threads on here you can search, because I spent weeks scouring the internet for that exact information.  I would be happy share what I learned in the last few months if it will save you some of the same hassle! My best friend and I were on the hunt at the same time, so I think between the two of us we interacted with most of the home birthing midwives in Salt Lake.


I am 16 weeks with my first, so no actual experience-- but I am birthing with Raeann Peck.  So far, I have been really pleased with her care.  She has decades of experience, loves to teach and educate, and just exudes warmth, caring and confidence.  She really went out of her way to offer good care when I came down with the flu early on; called several times to talk to me, calmed me, and even stopped by my house with a couple of things she thought would help settle my stomach.  I really liked that she is vocal about all of the typical prenatal care you can do to promote healthy delivery--nutrition, exercise, supplements, etc., but had no problem telling me exactly which situations would require hospital care.  She is very aware of her limits and I trust that she won't hesitate to transfer if it really is necessary.  She works out of her home in Kearns and has an insanely low price; we live near her and so that was a big plus for me!


My best friend is using Rebecca Williams, who is one of the few CNMs doing home births in Salt Lake.  I interviewed her, and was impressed, but she is a little bit of a hippie (in the best midwife tradition :).  My husband wasn't thrilled with that part of her personality and that pushed us more toward Raeann.  My friend miscarried at 16 weeks and Rebecca's care was wonderfully kind and knowledgeable; now that they are expecting again they thrilled to be using her again.  If for some reason Raeann hadn't worked out,  I would be absolutely confident using her.  She has her office/birth suite in Murray, but also does home births.  She fills up FAST-- she told me that if I wanted to work with her, she said I should call as soon as I had a positive test. 


I also interviewed Becky McGinnis and Adrianne (can't remember her last name) with The Birth Center.  If I remember correctly, Adrianne is the one who does homebirths-- she seemed nice, but Becky turned me off with some fear-based comments.  They are also the priciest option in the valley.


I met with Melissa Mayo and Heidi Sylvester at their office in Sandy; Melissa is legendary!  Melissa is licensed and Heidi is direct-entry, unlicensed.  Their office is new; I'm not sure how long they've been working together?  They did a lovely, long interview and I really enjoyed them.  Melissa has a lot of experience, and Heidi was very up to date on stats and studies.  They seemed to make a very knowledgeable, prepared team.  Also, they have really great senses of humor!


My friend interviewed with Better Birth; they are a team of four midwives who share patient load, and have a birth suite and do homebirths.  She opted against them because she wanted to work with one midwife, but I've heard really good things about them overall.


Hope that helps-- sheesh, that is a lot of info!  But I don't know anyone personally who has home birthed, so I spent months scouring for that info.  Let me know if you have any more specific questions!

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Thanks for all the info! It's tough to search the threads just because the search feature brings up SO much.


I've been in touch with Raeann Peck. She also recommended Melissa and a couple of others. However, I'm so busy I rely on the internet a lot and Raeann is the only one that's gotten back to my messages yet, so that makes me a little frustrated with them.


It's nice to hear that some of these people are much better in person than online...

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My experience with Melissa is that she is very busy and probably not online a whole lot.  I was doing all my research online as well and was disappointed trying to find out all I could online.  I finally just called and I'm certainly glad I did.  I hate calling people and I hate meeting new people so it was difficult, but a midwife is someone you should really get to know and trust, and form at least a somewhat personal relationship with... the earlier you can do that, the better, I think.

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I absolutely LOVE Jessica Stahle.  She worked under Chris & Melissa for a long time.  She's very down to earth and just has a warmth about her.  And she has a website that I think she checks regularly (I know she checks the quirky mama facebook page a lot)



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