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Reading struggles/ dyslexia

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I'm pretty sure my 7 (almost 8) year old is dyslexic. Haven't gotten him tested yet, but whether he is or not, getting him to read and write is such a struggle. I've done some research on curriculum and teaching approaches, but it seems like most websites are geared towards kids who are in school and strongly suggest getting a tutor. So I wanted to know if anyone is handling this type of situation themselves, what curriculum is working, what you require. I feel like I also struggle with not wanting to push him too much so he gets overwhelmed and frustrated, but then I sometimes feel like I'm not doing enough. He does Explode the Code and Spelling Workout. And reads out loud with easy readers which is downright painful for both of us!

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My DD has had some difficulty with reading, but she's not the typical dyslexic.  She struggles with fluency, but not with phonological awareness.  Talking about what I've done with her might not be all that helpful unless your kid is similar.  Does he have a hard time with phonics?

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Sorry, I guess I should have specified. I've just recently moved beyond thinking he's just a bit of a late reader to realizing something else is going on. All the dyslexia info is a bit overwhelming but as far as I can tell he has most of the "classic" markers. So, yes he struggles with phonics. He mixes up what vowels say what for example, or right now he's struggling with consonant blends. Mixes up "sh" "ch" and "th" or leaves out a letter where there should be or or even adds in one where there shouldn't  ("camp" for "clamp" or vise versa.) He reverses almost all of his letters when he writes, but it seems random. Like sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't. Mixes up the order of the letters when reading or writing. Trouble with memorization and sequencing. That sort of thing. 

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My second dd is dyslexic.  I strongly suggest getting hooked up with the yahoo group:  http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/dyslexiasupport2/


It has truly been a lifesaver to be connected with other's who are also trying to navigate this world.  I (personally) didn't need anyone telling me to "just wait and see".  It was very clear that something else was going on.  My dd had/has such a strong desire to read and it was very frustrating for her.  She still struggles, but we consistently move forward.  With tips from that group, she had a big surge in reading right away.  BTW, I haven't used a tutor and don't expect to unless I eventually have her do a Davis workshop.



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I found reading about dyslexia confusing, because there doesn't seem to be general agreement about what it is, and people still don't know very much about the underlying causes.  The information I found most helpful, because it seemed the most relevant to my own kid's particular difficulties, was about the "double-deficit hypothesis" - that there are two main kinds of problems dyslexics can have: problems with phonological processing and problems with naming speed.  Some kids have both problems, and they're the ones who have the hardest time learning to read.  My DD seems to have only the naming speed problem.  It sounds like your kid has phonological processing problems, but if you haven't already, you might want to read about naming speed and see if it sounds like he has that problem also.

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That's for the link AAK, very helpful! Glad to hear you're doing it without a tutor, it's encouraging. I know what you mean about watching your dd struggle. Ds really loves drawing and wants to write and illustrate his own books so it's hard to watch him get so frustrated and discouraged


Daffodil, yeah all the info just seemed so confusing, I'm happy it's not just me! I'll research phonological processing and naming speed more specifically, I hadn't heard of that.


Thanks so much for the help!

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Here is a link to a free step by step program for those with reading difficulties       P K-6     http://www.freereading.net/index.php?title=Main_Page



I have a page of links to free dyslexia help stuff you may also find useful at


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