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Moving forward.

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I have entered counseling to help grieve my infertility. My husband is also now ready to move forward with me after a very intense conversation a couple weeks ago. He wants to attend the adoption seminar in June which is the soonest one. I am bringing my medical form to my specialist to fill in, as I have crohns, and I need my doctor to say it does not affect my ability to parent, and it hasn't since I have been a mother to my DD. DH and I have started to fill out our application. We want to do a domestic adoption. We found an agency we would like to use, that my DHs coworker used. They were highly recommended.


Any advice for this newbie? Do you think my illness will have an impact on being selected? We are a very active outdoorsy family. I am probably more fit and healthy than most "healthy" people I know.

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I don't have much advice on adoption;  we are fostering now, but I kind of think of that as a different animal than adopting (of course, not better/worse, just different)...


However, just wanted to share with you...


We spent 5 years with infertility, and once we stopped the "TTC" phase and grieve for the loss of the way of life we expected, we were able to embrace a totally new idea of what our family would look like (which, I think, is more beautiful than I could have imagined!). Life got better (up and down, but mostly up) after that.


I wish the best for you!!!

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