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Low Blood Pressure?

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I had a Dr. appt today and everything looked great EXCEPT that my blood pressure was low.  My Dr didn't seem at all concerned but I've never had blood pressure that low. It was 90/60.  I know its not CRAZY low, but from what I've read, it is the reason I am dizzy, and sometimes feel like I'm going to pass out.  Apparently it is a pregnancy thing?? Anyone else experienced this?

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Yep.  I do every time.  It comes and goes, and seems to coincide with increases in blood volume.  Drinking lots and lots of water, and being sure to take a good iron supplement helps me tons. :)

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That was mine the whole time I was pg with my daughter. I'm borderline low normally, and pg made it even lower. I think 90/60 is fine. If given the choice, I'd much rather be low than high. High is very dangerous. 

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I do too! Mine routinely is 100/65 but goes as low as 90/50 during pregnancy.


Where are you in your pregnancy? It is physiologically normal for BPs to dip below your non-pregnant baseline during the 2nd trimester and then rise back to normal for you during the 3rd. 

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Mine has been all over the place: 100/52 at one visit to 118/62 at another.  I have naturally low bp usually, but my doc doesn't seem worried about the fluctuations.  I agree with the PP that low bp is much better than high bp.  Just be careful when standing up and so on so you don't fall.  I've had weird vertigo a few times that is uncomfortable, but otherwise it's not a big deal.

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I'm 11 weeks now, was 10 weeks when he took my BP :)

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