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Help Me Get Over This Hump...

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Well... I guess I'm admitting it to someone other than my hubby.

I pregnant.


It was completely unexpected.

It went a little something like this..

Condom broke.  Freaked out, thinking I would get pregnant.  Came to terms with it.  Then realized I didn't ovulate until about a week after we had sex.. So then I was thinking, "okay, not pregnant... good." 
Took a HPT on Saturday (which also happened to be my birthday)... thinking it was going to show a BFN...

Imagine my surprise when it said I was pregnant.

So I figured, 'Okay, that test was old (from my first baby), so... we'll buy some new ones)"..

Two more tests taken.. two more BFP.


I guess I just need to talk to someone... because honestly, I'm freaking out.

This will be our second child, and we definitely wanted more children... I just wanted to wait longer. 

Our daughter just turned one in March... I wanted to wait until she was about 3 before we had another one.

So, I guess, I'm just upset that my plans clearly aren't happening.  And that we'll have another baby by the end of the year.


Ugh... I was just so sure I wasn't pregnant.

In fact - I feel like I'm about to get my period... which should have either come today or tomorrow.

So it's all confusing.  And... ugh... I honestly just didn't want to be pregnant right now.


I feel like the worst mom in the world for not wanting to be pregnant right now.


I'm hoping it'll get better...


Thanks for reading my vent... Just needed someone to talk to.

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hug2.gif Hugs to you mama and Congratulations!!


The journey of pregnancy is not for the week of heart, having a toddler join you in that will definitely be a challenge.

Right now you've probably got wacko hormones going on already and that explains the melancholy mood. Give it a couple weeks to sink in and I'm sure you'll feel better. Plans are supposed to change, that's what makes life interesting.


I have 5 children mostly a month shy of two years apart and #6 is on the way now. It's rough sometimes but it's so worth it in the end!!!



Go to the baby isle in a department store and remember how much fun it is to shop for a newborn! :)


And think of the tax return you'll get too ROTFLMAO.gif



Welcome to the club mama!! thumb.gif


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(Hug) This was my exact reaction to finding out we're having a fourth, except we weren't planning on any more kids at all. I was honestly shocked to see a positive test. Give yourself plenty of time to get used to it. You'll start to feel better about it after a couple of weeks, but you're entitled to your feelings and you're not a terrible mom at all. hug2.gif

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((hugs)) It's tough to adjust mentally when plans change. I'm sure you'll get excited about this pregnancy, just give it time and be patient with yourself and your feelings.

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Don't feel bad about being disappointed! I had something similar happen when my first was 12 months old. I remember telling my husband and just crying a lot of that night. The timing was very very bad from a financial/life logistics perspective. And I was pretty grumpy about the whole thing.


Having the kids that close together was tough on us but they are SUCH good friends. I'm so glad my son got a sibling sooner than later. It's made his life immensely better and it's easier to parent when the kids can entertain one another. Now I'm so glad it worked out that way. My younger one will be 3 1/2 when #3 is born. Now that feels too far apart!


(Also, it took a lot longer to conceive this one than the first two, which gave me a much greater sense of what a miracle it all is and how lucky I was to have conceived easily. It's awful to be pregnant when you don't want to, but I'd take that over not being pregnant when you do want to.)

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Thanks for all the replies. 
I suppose it is my whacky hormones right now. 

I was so excited with my first pregnancy - but towards the middle and end I kept thinking, "Can we do this? Can we be parents? Should we have waited?"  And it turned out perfect.

And I guess I am kind of glad that the kids will be closer in age - so they would be friends.

It's just the fact that it's unexpected.  The first was planned - and I still freaked a little. 


I know I'll get over it.  It's just hard financially and hubby switched jobs last July and has crap insurance until this July... so that isn't great.  But we'll figure it out. 


Thanks again for all the replies... they definitely made me feel better - and like I'm not the worst mom ever.

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Does everyone here have a stash of old pregnancy tests?  LOL.  I know mine have an expiration of 2006, but I took a couple 2 and 3 days ago and no line showed up.  Then today, what I estimate to be 12 dpo (easter ovulation the irony) I get a line.  Then open another, get a line on that one.  So, it looks like something is going on!  I'm guessing it's trust that line if it's positive but not if it's negative if it's expired.  Sigh.  


I think it's going to take a little while for those of us who didn't expect this to have it sink in.  The urine is still drying on the hpt, I haven't told anybody yet.  Sigh.

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