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Working from home?

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Anyone already have kids and you work from home full time? or planning to work from home after your Dec baby comes?  We are having our first, and my husband works 8-8 but I already have a wonderful job that allows me to work from home.  


I'd like to think that my great work situation would translate nicely into working mom-hood - but I'm concerned that with a newborn/toddler this will be too difficult - I am hosting or attending conference calls regularly throughout the workday, and can't have too many background noises interrupting business discussions.  I want to breastfeed and be with my baby during the day, continue to take care of our home, etc -- do I need to think about quitting my job in order to make this happen, or are there ways to do both "jobs" without failing at one?  Am I asking for a nervous breakdown? Any tips appreciated!

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I work from home too, but my work doesn't require me to do conferencing or phone calls so I don't need absolute quiet. (If I did, I'd be in trouble....lol). I think it's possible to do both but not without making some adjustments. If you're nursing, your babe will probably be at the breast fairly often in the beginning so that may not be the biggest obstacle to your work. But getting enough rest to do your job effectively might be an issue, especially in the first two or three months. I had to completely reschedule my working time for when the kids are asleep, but I'm expecting that I'll have to cut back even more after the baby is born. 


I wouldn't quit the job without attempting it first, though. You can always make changes as you go along if you need to. wink1.gif

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You can totally do it!!! I had my 3rd 8/08 and had my then 2 yr old at home while I worked.  My best friends were a boppy and a playpen next to my work station.  The baby is going to sleep so much.  Like the other reply, sleep will be an issue.  If you can catch a few naps during the day for about 20 min while baby is sleep, you will be good.  I have breast fed all three of mine and they have slept most of the night, with the exception of waking to nurse, but I just nurse and sleep.  No need to leave the job.  The ability to work from home is amazing!!!!


My company sadly closed, so I am again looking for work from home. 


Good luck.



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I had a work from home phone job when DD was born, and I was able to keep doing it, and did a LOT of NAKing (nursing at keyboard, I had to type while on the phone, too). But when she got to be about 3 months old, she found her voice, and I had to try to find something else where her noise didn't matter. Unless your hours are flexible, I don't know that you'll be able to keep up a 40-hours-a-week schedule after the first few months (unless you have a quiet baby, which could happen). My DD hasn't stopped talking since then, LOL.
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Thanks for the tips & encouragement!  I've arranged to chat with a couple of other moms on my team - maybe they can offer some advice, although our co. only recently transitioned to a work from home set-up, and their kids pre-date the new model.  I am already napping for 30 minutes every day if I have time - baby already makes me sleepy! :) 


I plan to take the first 3 months off (maternity leave) so that sleepless nights won't translate to poor work.  After 3 months I guess I will know whether I have a quiet baby or not, and can cross that bridge when I come to it.  At least I don't have to make this decision right now.

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