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Interesting!!! ") What does he go by? Rock?

He goes by Rocky. lol.gif: But it's just funny when you hear people call him that b/c you wonder if that's a nickname for something, but nope, it's his birth-given name. smile.gif
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we have a couple names we like but nothing set in stone.  I really like Rhiannon for a girl (no middle name yet) and I adore Hazel and Marilla, but J isn't on board with those.  He likes Rhiannon fine. 


Boy names are HARD this time around.  I like Soren (again, no middle, but we've used all family names so far) J is sort of meh about it but doesn't really dislike it so much.  My 9 year old so wants it to be a Soren (he's a fan of the Owls of GaHoole. lol)


Our names for the rest of the kids are Addison Lynn, Riley William, Bodhi Michael, and the babe we lost was Gillian (we had considered Ivy for her middle name.  Gillian Ivy.  I obviously won't use Gillian, but for some reason I feel ok with using Ivy as a middle if it works)

I'd love to somehow have a Millie Ivy.  My greatgrandmother's name was MIldred Ivern, and that's what my user name is for.  She was a domestic goddess and one awesome mama/grandma/great grandma.  But I'm not a fan of naming a kid Mildred.  Millicent isn't much better imo.  Any other Mill**** names?


I also like Betsy but I don't think J does.

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If baby is a girl she will be Opal. If baby is a boy, oh boy, I've already named four and don't know where to begin. 

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Oh man! Names are so fun, yet so hard!! We have two girls, both with (traditionally) boy names, (Addysen & Elliot.) So, if it's a girl, we were thinking of going with that theme. So far I like Emerson & Avery.  I also really like Ophelia, which is totally not a traditional boys name, and not my usual style of names... 

If this baby is a boy, I really like the names Ezra, Owen, Emerson, Harper, Everett, Wyatt, & Moses.  (I really like Moses because DH's name is Aaron :) 

I'm also thinking about using James for a middle name for either boy or girl, since both DH and I have grandfathers named James. My cousin also has a daughter named Chloe James and I think that's adorable!



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Shelly, what about Milena or Malena?  


My gf-in-law was Archie, and for a long time I've thought another boy would be Archer.  However, that is getting too popular for me (sorry!  I like my names to be not on the top-1000 list, and it is in the past few years and getting more popular.)  I was telling my BFF this quandry today and she said, "how about Archimedes?"  I love it!  I went to a college where we studied the classics (including Archimedes), we could call him Archie, and it is certainly NOT going to be in the top anything in the US anytime soon.  


Girls names are hard for us.  I like unusual, DH likes short and simple.  All names MUST have a common meaning or part of them must have a common meaning - so far all 14 cousins have followed this rule, so I'm sure not going to be the one to break it.  (For example, Archimedes qualifies because we all know what an "arch" is.  Some others are Grace, Gray, Robin, Willow, Wade, Rosa, etc.)

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I really like Moses, too, but my husband doesn't like it.

 More girl names we like:







We also like Orion for a boy.

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Picking out names for our 2 other little ones was so hard! We fought like crazy. With this baby #3, we had names picked out after the 1st suggestion agreed right away. I was 5 weeks preggers lol Girl Zoey Grace and for a boy Kobe Anthony. Yes as in Kobe Bryant lol hubby and I are big fans. Anthony is Hubby's middle name. 

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Originally Posted by revolting View Post

I really like Levi, too, and we've talked about that name, too.


I mentioned Levi too, but DH is iffy. We have a girls name, which is kind of funny because DD was nameless until I was 37 weeks pg. Boys names are proving to be harder. My favorites are Samuel, Andrew, Evan, and Daniel, but DH is already shooting down anything I suggest. {{sigh}} Middle names will start with an H to honor my grandmother, probably Henry or Hope. 

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We're having one heck of a time coming up with boys' names. Girls names are pretty easy for us to agree on (Alice, Violet, Autumn), but the one boy name we picked out years ago (Rivers) has kind of been ruined. Our families thought it was stupid, so now we're not sharing at all until the kids are born, so they'll just have to keep their mouths shut if they don't. Or not--but it will be too late!


We want something that isn't too, too common, but not completely made up either. I'm not really into trendy names, and there really aren't any family names I'm fond of. I like my MIL's maiden name, but it's too close to another cousin's first name.


Of course, there's a story about how my DH's great aunt was named. Apparently her parents named her one thing, but her aunts didn't like it, so when it came time for her to be christened, they changed her name on the christening papers, and it stuck. I forget exactly how they got their hands on it, but that's the gist. She eventually legally changed her name to Nancy!

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I like the name River, but it doesn't work with our last name or our other kids' names.

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That was the main issue our families had, I think. Our last name is a verb that means "to be moving with speed." Once I thought about it, I didn't think it worked, either. I just learned not to say anything if I didn't want input!

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I'm not worried about girl names, but I really think we're going to have a boy. Ha. And boy names are hard to me!


I have a Charlotte, for the mama thinking of naming their baby that. Obviously love that name. I had a random experience when my daughter was 3 or 4. Standing in line at Barnes & Noble, and an older woman heard me call my daughter's name. She turned to me, looking surprised, and said, "Your daughter's name is Charlotte?" I said it was and she sort of huffed. "Well, MY daughter just named her baby Charlotte and I was told it was a very unusual name." She seemed so highly offended to learn there was another child named Charlotte. *roll eyes*  I couldn't believe it! I didn't tell her this but, excuse me my daughter was older than her grandbaby, it's not like I copied!  Plus I'm pretty sure that Charlotte is still and has always been a fairly popular name in the UK! (Though I still love it, have never regretted my choice... :))

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I like Charlie as a nickname for Charlotte, but it is such a popular name right now that I think I won't use it.

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Lol about Charlotte :) i've been in love with the name Charlotte Sage for quite some time now, we thought about naming our second daughter that but it just wasn't her name if you know what I mean. She's a Penelope Jane through and through luxlove.gif . Even though I like the name a lot, and our eldest is obssessed (completely!!) about have a little sister named Charlotte that she can call Lottie or Charlie, I've been thinking about Tabitha Wren, Annabel Harper, Gwendolyn Mercy, and Clementine Tallulah...oooh and I have been secretly harboring a serious crush on Charlotte Tallulah Belle. For boys names I have been thinking about Wyatt, Finnegan, Harrison (but ick not for Harrison Ford, I just think Harry is such a cool classic nickname and I absolutely detest the name Harold), Elliot, Flynn, Galen, and Julian (I think Julian James sounds pretty neat :) ) 


I'm pretty sure that if we have a daughter it will be one of those names...with boys, I feel like I am still shooting in the dark, lol 

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Love the names. 

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