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Do I take my son to see his great grandparents?

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Hey Ladies,
My son has never met his great grandparents and rarely see his grandparents because they live abroad. He is close to 4 now, so I was thinking what if take him there in June. The trip would take 14 hours and 3 different airport, plus then a 3-hour ride in a cab. Plus there will be a different time zone, so we will suffer from jet lag. We would stay there for 2 week. Most part of the way, for about 12 hours, we will be on the plane with a friend who is also taking her 4-year-old. I thought we could try to make it because my grandparents are old, and who knows, I haven't seen them in several years either. But now that I have made up my mind and bought tickets, we found out my DS is anemic. We at supplementing, this whole trip might be a stressful one for him. What are your thoughts?
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While your son may not ever remember this trip, you may make the great grandparents very happy. I'd say its worth the trouble if you are on good terms with them.
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I took my son last year on a trip to visit my family (in a different country).

We were trying to make it there before my grandmother died, but we didn't.

We got there one week too late, but he still got to meet the rest of the family.

Although I've hardly seen them in my adult life, it was actually really important that my son meet them.

It wasn't until we were there and I saw him with them that I understood why it was important.

It was a lot about him knowing where and who I come from, and being able to refer to these people without them being strangers to him.

So yeah, I think it's important. Just prepare as well as you can so that you're not stressed out = your child isn't stressed out.

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We lived on a different coast from my parents/grandmother for a number of years, so didn't see the latter a lot. She passed when my two were 4 &b6. They both remember her well enough. I think you should do the trip.

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I would do it as well. He is old enough that while travel with kids is always a PIA, it shouldn't be a nightmare like how it easily can be with very small children.myou never know when it will be too late.
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My kids got to meet 2 great-grandparents (one has since passed) and were/are very fond of both. I would definitely do it!

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I'd do it. 

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I've taken overseas trips with little ones to far corners of the globe to see family, and it's been worth it. I'd do it.
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I agree. I've taken my son to India for a month at 18 months and for a week at 3.5 years to see extended family - primarily my aunts and grandmothers.  You will be exhausted and be chasing your child around in a new environment, but set your expectations low regarding how busy you plan to be while there (spend time with the family that matters; everyone else can come to you), and you'll have a great experience. 

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