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Quick question on car seat installation.  I have a 2007 Fit and DH just installed the car seats.  He installed the one in the back behind the passenger seat.  I was under the impression that middle was best, but after reading our manual, we have the LATCH system only on the outer two seats and the passenger seat (even with plenty of room) is still a few inches from the car seat.  Is that ok?  I know someone said something about side impact and the middle being best, but if the LATCH system is only on the outer two seats, should I just keep it installed where it is?  It's actually better visibility for me to have it behind the passenger seat, but I wasn't sure if there's a problem with that approach.  Poor Ninetales will probably end up answering this question as usual!  Sorry to keep you on your toes, mama!


ETA: The car seat is a Graco Snug Ride (I think), if that makes a difference.

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LATCH is no safer than a seatbelt install.  You should install the seat where you can get the best install.  I myself prefer a middle install for a single child, but if you don't like the way it installs there (can't get it tight enough, tipping), there's nothing wrong with the outboard.  Another plus for the middle is that it usually interferes less with the front seats, so they can go back a bit further.  But like I said, as long as you can get a good install, the seatbelt and LATCH are equally safe.

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I have a 2009 Honda fit and we have a safety first carseat... forget what kind though. IT is a bit of a tight fit in the middle as I'm 5'9" and My husband is 6'1".  We're contemplating getting a Subaru Forester with in the next year or two to help with the space issues (we also have 2 large dogs! It's quite comical when our car is FULL of animals and people and stuff)


I'm actually really annoyed with the height of a carseat as I feel it blocks my view a bit.  I'm far too used to driving a truck :-S Hopefully this car seat will won't hinder too much.

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mtngirl, just a thought.  I have taken long car trips in my Honda Fit and in my parents' Subaru Forester and the difference in the amount of room in the back is negligible.  This could have changed in more recent models (I think theirs is a 2009), but I was surprised at how uncomfortable the back seat is and how much better the Fit actually fits stuff, including camping gear and so on.  Even trunk space is pretty much identical, but the Fit has the flippable seats and a lot more versatility, in my opinion.  The main difference seems to be head room and ground clearance (and four wheel drive) which might make a difference for some people.  But for us, the difference in terms of price and gas mileage and the pretty much identical backseat space makes it a no-go.  If I were you I would see if I could rent a Forester and actually try it out with people and dogs and car seats for a weekend or something.  Every trip I've been on in a Forester has been miserable and I LOVE Subarus in general, so it isn't a brand issue or anything. (ETA: I haven't tried the Forester with car seats though, so there may be more room for that... I was just always surprised that when we go camping I can actually fit more stuff (including people and our three dogs) in our Fit than in my parents' Forester.)


Ninetales, thanks for piping in!  I'll take a look at the various configurations and figure out what works.  I'm just thankful DH got his act together to install it this week.  Otherwise we would be walking home from the hospital.  eyesroll.gif

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Lilytiger - That's a great idea about renting a Forester for a weekend! I never even thought about that. My husband lusts after Subarus all the time so i'm sure he'd be up for renting one for a bit :-)  I just really do not want to give up my honda fit (her name is even Stella! haha). love that car so much.  

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