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what'd ya get?

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i am so po!!!!!!! this is the first time for me and i had 4 in my cart!! one was gone by the time i went to ck out - no biggie, but i kept trying to put 0 in the # field instead of remove to update, so by the time my dumb a$$ figured it out everything but one little LC was out of stock. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. i wanted that red stripe sooooooooooo bad.
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Well, I had 4 or 5 LCs but someone swiped them all! I really wanted that psychadelic one!!!

I got one of the snapless ones (finally, a reason for my snappi!) and a Night Light.

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I got 3 FCBs size 2 (have enough 1's) and a Night Light for each girl.
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I just posted to the other thread, but I am so excited I'll post twice!! I got 3! I got the Ribbit woven, the Under the Seap woven and a Night Light!! THese are my first dipes from Fluffy Mail, so I hope I like them! I'm just so excited that I was able to stalk successfully - my luck has been pretty good. I nabbed 2 Kiwi Pies at the last stocking, and 1 at the stocking before that! I'm getting better at this hyena thing
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I got 2 size 1 night lights, the size 1 swirl batik, and the size 2 owls.


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Sorry about the double post!
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I am so glad I caught this stocking! I was able to nab 3 newborn dipes - the expedition bear, hand dyed animal toss and endangered animals!

Now for the next one I should know baby's gender to get a couple of less neutral choices! But I love the ones I got!

EDITED - cause I can't spell toss apparently!
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i think i'll go buy some lhc's - i'm so sad. wallowing in self pity. we need a smiley just for thses moments - like one that says "SOL"
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Originally posted by mthomas
i think i'll go buy some lhc's - i'm so sad. wallowing in self pity. we need a smiley just for thses moments - like one that says "SOL"
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I coulda gotten any diaper-hehe , but I was isn't in the mood to buy fitteds today...Beautiful eye candy, yes, but I am saving up for their next stocking Plus, I went ahead and bought 1/2 a doz. doublers instead, since I need these now that the baby is wetting heavier. It was still a LOT of fun to see everything disappear:LOL, and wonder who here was trying to get it!! I walked away from this with no migraine- amazing I tell you, absolutely amazing!! :LOL
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I finally had good FM diaper karma! Woooo!

I scored the LC 2 celestial, the FCB Koi Fish, and a Nightlight..

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I played the put-it-in-my-cart-but-don't-buy game. It was fun to watch how fast things disappeared out of my cart. It really is amazing how fast they sell out. They could probably make diapers out of horribly ugly fabrics (they don't, of course), and they would still sell out fast. Wow!
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I got a size 2 Night Light and a pink hemp LC also in sz 2.
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I got a Hand-dyed Dinosaur LC fitted, size 2. I looked at the Nightlights, but we have a good nighttime system and I don't want to mess with it.
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I got out with 6 diapers!

For me: 2 size 1 NightLights, FCB size 1 pink-dyed hemp, LC pink-dyed snapless

For friends: 2 NightLights, 1 in each size
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I got the stripes, pink hemp and I thought I got the woven cat all FCB size 2. I also got one of each size Night Light.
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OH so Lisa, you're the one who swiped my pink hemp :LOL I did manage a nightlight diaper.

I got a little frustrated by having to update my cart (manually removing sold out items) before being able to checkout (thereby losing some dipes to swipers). I wish the cart could automatically update.
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I got two FCB size 2 fitteds, but I think I have a bit of buyers remorse. I'll get over it, I'm sure. I grabbed the Jumpin' Fish and the Blue beach stripe.
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Well I'm glad Anwyn got the LCB pink size 1 - I was making a move for it, but the stocking caught us smack dab in the middle of dinner :LOL
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Uh-oh, diaper kharma? Does that mean I'm in serious poopie for shouting fire in the crowded theater? (re: my post about them stocking)
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