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The newborn diapers went slowly, I could have gotten tons! I restricted myself to one though, since really I don't need any

I got the lime green giraffe print LC. I have a sailboat print LC already. Can't wait!!

I was going to get some size 1's but didn't find anything gender neutral that I liked. Next time!
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Joanns just restocked their knits this weekend
Okay then I will take one LC in size 2
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Man I was happy to score 2 dipes the bright stripes & orange hemp.....the bright stripes to match our Cushie tushie rainbows soaker & the Orange one will match our bumhuggers soaker that's being made now too perfect!
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I happened to click on the site out of curiosity and the screen flashed to an instock store (no kidding). I had to get something! So, I got 2 night lights, and a size 2 posie velour knit .
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I got 3 LC size 1's and a size 1 nightlight.

The LC's I got are the Blue Groovy, Green Dinos and Orange Hemp.
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I missed the whole thing. That's ok, I've come term with the fact that I will probably only ever have the 2 I now own. I'll just keep looking and dreaming about them after they're all sold out. :LOL
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Oh good golly someone snag this
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I thought I'd be devastated, but I'm not. I was happily playing with Calvin, blissfully unaware of the chaos. The highlight of my day.

But if anyone has buyers remorse, I'd sell my soul for a LC size 2.
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I got 2 LC0 newborn dipes, one FCB0 newborn dipe and a FCB2 to try out. Not too bad considering my very faithful computer locked up while I was trying to check out the first time! There is a first time for everything, I guess!

It was a bit crazy though! Whew!

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If anyone got a front snap sz 2 and wishing they didn't, pm me!!! I'll take it!!!!
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I am so jealous of people who even got one- and especially those who got more than one! I really, really wanted to try one! I don't even care if it''s a LC or a FCB or a Nightlight, as long as it's a size 1. I just want to try one!!

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I missed out too, my darn computer froze up on me.
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I had two in my cart and lost them both by the time I checked out. I am still sulking. LOL Who got my airplane print FCB size 2??
If you have buyers remorse, let me know. I am mourning it. I have an airplane fettish. :
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I was at the playground with dd. I missed the whole thing. We had lots of fun, though!!!

I really wanna try some of these for the new baby....I will have to start stalking the TP. They can't wear those size 0s forever! :LOL
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I just got home. So I missed the whole thing. I still have a big fat zero in the fluffymail dipe category. If anyone has buyer's remorse take pity and send your size 2s this way. I really wanted to try one.... Oh well, now I am really happy with my butterfly soaker set from cushietushie. I can't cry too much today!

Looks like everyone had fun. Congrats all you awesome hyenas.
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WOW!! I would love to have gotten these:



Especially the first one though!! I LOVE that print. Well I have 8.5 months more to try for one. :LOL
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