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pelvic organ prolapse anyone?

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I found the mahoosive thread on POP over in childbirth and postpartum, but there's not a whole lot of action on that anymore. Anyone here with prolapse? I'm not really postpartum because I had my last baby 4 years ago!


I was diagnosed last week with a grade 2/3 cystocele and a prolapsed uterus. I'm trying to heal without surgery but it's been a bit rough. I was really feeling better but then I tried going for a walk today and now I'm in pain. My swelling seems to have receded back in, but now everything on the outside is feeling swollen and uncomfortable. I have mild period-like cramps.


I'm taking homeopathic sepia, and herbal tea of red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, nettles and peppermint. I am getting acupuncture and am taking a "lifting formula" (herbs) from my acupuncturist. I got fitted for a pessary 5 days ago which I believe is helping, but I'd like to get some relief from the pressure between my legs. Anyone have any luck with any of the support garments out there? I'm going on a huge vacation in 18 days and I can't even walk a mile without being in pain!

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I don't know how advanced grade 2/3 is, but apparently exercises can help if symptoms haven't advanced too far. IMO it's always smarter to try and treat a condition without surgery, especially an invasive one like transvaginal mesh, which is getting a pretty bad rep right now. Best of luck, I hope you get better soon. 

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