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I puked! I puked! Yeah!!!!

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Sorry, I'm so excited I just had to share :p Every woman in my immediate family has had a miscarriage and as with my previous miscarriages one of the tell tale signs is that morning sickness is mediocre. I was trying to keep it down since my father was dropping some stuff off and just happened to be pulling in the driveway and I couldn't help it! Yeah!! That's a victory! Also got to get my first quick u/s today since I started having some pains yesterday and the OB wanted to rule out ectopic. She's measuring right on schedule which is a relief since the last one was measuring behind from the beginning. This has been an awesome day!!

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You remind me of my DH. He gets so excited when I'm dry heaving (haven't thrown up yet) and sometimes tries to do things just to get me to gag. We've had miscarriages, too, and of course it reassures him when I'm feeling rotten. But it's slightly annoying to watch him grin from ear to ear when I'm running out of the kitchen gagging and dry heaving. I'm always sure to tell him that if I do throw up, it will be on him. mischievous.gif  (To which he says, "So long as the baby is healthy I don't mind," so at least his heart is in the right place.)


My mom had very mild m/s with all her pregnancies, and I had very mild m/s with Pearl. Plus we've made it to 10 (maybe 11) weeks with a heartbeat. I'm ready for the nausea to be gone! wink1.gif

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orngbiggrin.gif I'm so glad for you!!! And happy SOMEONE appreciates the nausea!!! Hope your baby is growing healthy, happy, and strong in there!

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Under the circumstances I'm cheering you on!  Yay for throwing up and a good ultrasound!

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Thanks ladies!!!


Dea - you should so throw up on him and then see how he reacts the next time you're heaving! :)

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In your place, I'd be happy to be sick also! 


Hurray for puking! winky.gif

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Yeah. I feel the same way.

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