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Our amazing 3 month old babies!

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It's so quiet around here lately :(


How's everyone doing? Our little ones are all now at least nearly 3 months old, can you believe that??  How is life going for you now? Are we settling into routines? Little ones charming the pants off of us? What adorable developments are going on in your home?


I absolutely LOVE being a mom, feels like I have found what I came to this planet to do.  DD amazes me more and more each day.  Presently, she is fascinated with her hands and working on her coordination.  The last few days she's been adding some adorable sounds to her repertoire including some kind of growling/grumbling sound and some kind of spit-bubble blowing/raspberries sound. So cute!  Days are FINALLY starting to have some order and my house is finally clean because of it!  Now I just have to step up my exercise... Most days now I can count on her napping swaddled in her swing for at least and hour or two, so I can really get some exercise in now!  I'm starting a Baby & Me yoga class at my studio and really looking forward to it.  DD is starting to like the Moby and we get out every day in it.  In my area, babywearing is definitely not the norm, so we are a walking conversation piece.


How are things going for you?

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My little girl has a strict 10pm bedtime (her idea, not ours!) and since I sleep next to her, I actually get some pretty decent sleep. She's starting to consolidate her daytime naps as well, not always in her own space (she's sleeping on my chest for the moment :) 


She's babbling lots, very focussed on making specific noises and watching our mouths very carefully. She's working on holding her GIANT (97th-percentile) head up on her belly, it's like watching someone balance an orange on a toothpick :P She's very social and would rather "talk" with us than play with toys.


I've lost all 50lbs I gained just before and during my pregnancy, which I attribute to good genes, nursing tons and walking for hours and hours every day. I'm getting used to the pp belly... thinking my skin may never go back to the way it was and trying to make peace with the saggy baggy parts. My belly button is forever changed!


I'm having trouble leaving her alone to sleep. I generally have to be in the room or I check her every five minutes or so. Is this normal? 


Annd she's up... gotta go :)

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So great to read your updates!!  Zach is awesome, continuing to weigh and measure in the 98%.  He's really strong and has started trying to roll over both from front to back and vice-versa.  He grunts and growls and works up a sweat; it's amazing to see that he puts 110% effort into everything he does.  He's starting to grasp if we put something near his hand and he then brings it straight to his mouth.  He loves looking at his hands and can entertain himself for over 20 minutes!  He really into kicking his Takane ball (a special cloth ball with a bell) and will hang out alone in his activity area for nearly 30 minutes just kicking, babbling, and watching himself in the mirror.  He does this funny noisy "raspberry" that's just the cutest thing ever!!!  He's down at 8pm on the dot and wakes up at 12am, 3am, and 6am (he used to only wake up once a night but now we're back to twice, although he eats and falls right back asleep, which has been a blessing)... The only thing we struggle with is napping... He just refuses to nap in his bed and wakes up after 20 minutes!!!  He'll sleep for hours in the Moby or the carseat, and even tolerates the stroller as long as it's moving, but his bed... Forget it!  I don't understand, because at night he conks right out... Oh well, he had to have some quirk, right??  I'm only bummed because it means I can't nap.


I agree with coming to terms with the flabby tummy.  My jeans fit well now, but there's all this flabby stuff that won't allow me to wear tight shirts!!  What's up with that?  Oh well, at least I'm healthy and feeling strong (although still very sleep deprived).


Mommyhood rocks and we're so blessed to be experiencing it!!!  :)

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So nice to hear from you ladies!  I miss our daily posts/talks!

My little girl is doing great...she's now 14 weeks old and is over double her birth weight.  She's FINALLY started holding her head up, though not perfectly yet.  She's working on it.  I sit on the floor or bed with her, and sit her on her bum while holding her up by her hands...she loves this!  She'll pick her head up, look at me, smile, and then her head drops down again.  We've been doing this every morning now.  It's become a fun game for us. :)

I love her so much, and I absolutely love being a mama.  But...my baby girl is, well, "expressive" as my husband calls it.  She hates the carseat, which is a huge problem because I'm a student homebirth midwife, which means four days per week, baby girl and I are driving from home to home conducting prenatal appointments.  Sometimes she just screams and screams in the car, and I cry and scream with her.  At home, she's happy as long as someone is holding her, which is not that big of a deal because my husband is a student who does school online, so he's home with me.  We wear her a lot and spend a lot of time walking with her outside.  She nurses well, but my large breasts make it difficult to nurse her in certain positions...so when we're home, it's easiest for me just to nurse her side-lying in bed...which just isn't very convenient for getting anything (even just homework or reading) done.

I'm having trouble with her crying and fussiness because part of me is blaming my overall stress level during pregnancy, and how much I screamed during labor.  I just can't help but feel that some of those cortisols (stress hormones) went directly to her and "caused" her fussiness. 

To tell you the truth, I am a little worried that I may be dealing with mild PPD.  I just can't seem to get over her birth.  After the dozens and dozens of births I had been to before experiencing my own, I was still completely unprepared for the level of pain I experienced.  And although she was safely born at home on my bed, there were a few things that happened (that I allowed to happen) at her birth that are causing me to feel lots of guilt.  Also, I had retained placental/membrane fragments at six weeks which caused bleeding until about seven weeks, and my urethral opening seems permanently damaged from birth...it's still gaping wide open, making me pee a little when I cough or sneeze, and sex is very painful.  I also had to take antibiotics when she was 2 weeks old for a gum infection, and it caused a yeast infection that STILL won't go away, even after a 7-day Monistat treatment.  Both of my nipples are infected and have been for almost two months now.  One has a patch of thrush...I've been using an all-purpose triple nipple ointment, but it's not working.  Wow, I sound all sorts of messed up now that I read it, lol!

I'm having trouble getting back into my midwifery studies...hell, I'm having trouble getting back into life in general, although I've picked up some new things like joining the YMCA with my husband.  I've also been thinking about death more since her birth, and I'm not sure why.  I dream about death all the time...I worry constantly that she may die and what would happen if she did.  It's like I never really contemplated mortality until she was born.  None of this is as bad as it sounds, though.  I still find tons of time to smile with her, watch her sleep, interact with her, and love on her.  She's just amazing and I feel so humble and grateful for her.

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wombjuice - I am saying this as gently as possible, but you sound like a first time mother.  I remember so many of things you're mentioning with my first and I *truly* believe it's because I only had that one little girl to think about all day long.  I was nearly obsessive (which is NOT my character at all) and I absolutely had PPAD (it sucked and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!  The thoughts of death and anxiety are really making me think that might be what's going on.  Have you thought about contacting PSI - http://www.postpartum.net/Get-Help.aspx - to find a local group?  In my area we also have a phone support program for new moms with PPAD).


I'm not a midwife - just a normal old mom - , but I've had three picture perfect births and all three I'd change something or other.  All three I've dreamed of altering bits and pieces to make it different...and I say this as someone that has had births that other women dream about (well, crunchy women dream about them...mainstream women think I'm freaking insane).  To me, it's normal to wish you would have done something differently.  And mama guilt comes with the territory.  That will never go away - it just changes as your kid(s) grows.


With my first I'd say it took well over a year for sex to be something fun again.  There were lots of times that I simply just shut my eyes to keep the pain at bay.  After getting back to my norm a good friend recommended I speak to my OB about it because hers was able to prescribe something that helped in that interim.  (I never talked to mine because I opted not to confide in anyone but my partner about my lady bits until they healed).  My Q turns three months tomorrow and sex still isn't awesome at least I know that it will get better with time.  So maybe you could speak with a midwife and she might have ideas?


Re: thrush.  I had it for about six months with my middle kid and the ONLY thing that helped was using this protocol (http://drjaygordon.com/breastfeeding/thrush.html):

Treatment of thrush with GSE

  • Make a mixture of 10 drops of Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract to one ounce of water. The use of distilled water to make your solution is very important.  The chemicals placed in your local tap water to kill bacteria can reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients in GSE.
  • IF thrush is not markedly improved by the second day, increase the mixture to 15, or even 20 drops of GSE per one ounce of distilled water.   If after reaching up to at least 20, and a full day of hourly treatment with it, you see no improvement, I would consider using Diflucan.  If you are prescribed Diflucan, continue to treat topically with GSE during the course of treatment.
  • Use this solution with an absorbent swab on mom’s nipples and baby’s mouth once every hour during all waking hours. Swab baby’s mouth priorto nursing and mom’s nipples after nursing.  Applying it to baby’s mouth prior to nursing will help them to  avoid the possibility of baby associating the bitter taste with nursing.

Only I was so completely strung out with the massive amounts of pain that go with thrush that I misread and DRANK a shot of 20 drops/GSE with one ounce of distilled water every hour for two days!  Luckily it wasn't poisonous, but it worked like a charm.  It totally cleared my body of all the yeast and my son's yeast cleared up.  It was a wonder drug!!


I wish I wasn't saying this via the internets because I don't want to come off as preachy or holier-than-thou.  At all.  I just want to acknowledge what you've written and say that I've been there and it gets better.



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Little Q turns three months tomorrow and she's settling in awesomely to our little routine.  She's all chatty and smiley with me and she *loves* her big sister.  We've got the girl power going on here. :)  She loves to watch her big brother and knows to close her eyes when he comes near because he's quite loud and fast, but he will run over to her in full force and hug her so hard her little eyeballs look like they're going to pop out!


She napped for the first time in her crib yesterday!  And started taking an ounce in a bottle.  These are all much needed because I am working this Saturday (basically crack of dawn until mid-afternoon) and have to leave her at home - for the first time!  At least I know she won't starve.  (I know it's silly to *need* my kid to take a bottle, but I had this exact same work event two years ago when my middle kid was the same age as Q and he wouldn't take the bottle...I stressed out so much over this that I made myself sick and literally puked non-stop for 24 hours and missed the event.  Considering I *run* the event it was a huge mongo deal!)  So I'm pleased as punch that she can eat without me. :)


Oh, once she hit 6 weeks I was able to put her in the daycare at the gym and she's doing really well with the women there.  She will let them hold and love on her (it's the Jewish Community Center so there aren't a ton of families and certainly being a newborn makes her more unique) *and* she'll just sit in the swing for a few minutes while they change other kids' diapers and whatnot.  I'm so pleased that the women there are so wonderful to all my kids.


Next on my list: find a sitter!  I'd really like to find a good sitter that has experience under her belt that can watch three kids at once.  I want more date nights with my old man!

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Wombjuice - Do the GSE protocol, it worked WONDERS for Z and me!  I had nasty itchy nipples and Z had yeast all over his bottom and leg creases.  The GSE took care of it, but you have to be consistent!  Also, have you had your blood checked for anemia?  I lost tons of blood during the birth and became anemic, but stopped taking iron when my Floradix ran out and I became depressed.  I had horrible thoughts, not only of what could happen to Z. but also of doing bad things to him.  I confided in my midwife who quickly gave me iron pills... And voila, problem solved!  I feel a million times better!  I know you removed a lot of foods from your diet, so you need to be careful that you're not missing any nutrients... Could that be affecting your baby's mood as well??  I hope you have people who can help you and in whom you can confide.  Hugs to you!!!


AQ - I am soooo jealous that your little one hangs out at the gym daycare!  I left Z. at the Y playcare once and was called back 20 minutes later because he was screaming his head off.  Of course, that was when he was 8 weeks, so I'm going to try it again now that he's 13+ and see if there's a difference.  I'm also interviewing babysitters this week to have someone come once a week for 4 hours so I can cook for the week, clean, go to the acupuncturist, etc.

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18 months later my middle kid still sometimes cries at the daycare, Pilar. Keep trying! Time alone is sooo worth it!
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Wombjuice, thinking of you.  My first was a lot like that and I developed PPD as well, even without having physical trauma related to his birth.  So I feel for you.  I ended up going to a weekly support group for many many months and taking a low dose of zoloft for a few months-- between the two, I eventually got back to normal.


As for me:  W continues to be the sweetest, mellowest little baby.  I can't get over how different he is from G as a baby.  I have been joking that W was sent here to teach me that I don't know everything about every baby, because he is just... so... so... so different personalitywise.


He is just so freaking content about everything.  He loves to lie on the floor on his back and just look around.  You talk to him and he smiles.  You sing to him and he laughs.  If you're not interacting with him, he just looks around like he's so interested in everything.  He loves to watch his older brother.  He gets this look on his face like:  wow!  That guy is really amazing!  


He also adores tummy time too.  The hilarious thing is that often after squirming around on his belly for a bit, he just passes out and face plants on the floor.


He's a pretty dedicated hand sucker at this age.  I've stopped even offering him the pacifier because it makes him fuss more often than it soothes him.  Forget nursing when he's upset-- if he's upset and it's NOT from hunger and I whip out the boob, he totally freaks.  


He rolls, he laughs, he nurses like a champ and smiles so so much... I have nothing in the world to complain about with him at this age.

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Ladies... how are we doing on sleep?  Just when I thought I could rely on swaddling DD and putting her in the swing for an afternoon nap, she has now decided that under no circumstances will she nap longer than 20-30 minutes.  She's sleeping (like a log!) usually 5-ish hours straight at night now, waking just enough to nurse and back to sleep, so I count my blessings there.  How about you, how is your babe sleeping? Any tips to get your baby to nap?  I'd love to get her to sleep long enough to get through these P90X dvds!!


Wombjuice, I can totally relate to the carseat hell.  The ONLY way it works for us is if I bring the carseat in the house and put her in it without jostling her too much while she is in a good mood and take her out the car in the seat.  Also it has to be daytime, I won't even take her into the car at night time. I put some dangly toys on the bar too (she is usually glaring at these when I take her out, lol).  I hope you can find a way to make the car manageable, I know how incredibly stressful that is...

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Ahhh, sleep... Well, Z. goes to bed like clockwork at 8pm and is up at 12 and 3am for nursing and then 6:30am.  On good days (like last night) he'll nurse for 15 minutes and zonk right out.  But on bad days... ugh.  We've had times where I'm up with him for two hours because he has gas (especially at the 3am feeding).  Not. Fun. At. All.  And since he won't nap at home for more than 45 minutes I've given up on getting anything done during his naps other than emptying the dishwasher or sweeping the living room.  He's usually cranky by the afternoon because he hasn't napped all day, and that really sucks.


But THE GOOD NEWS!!  Today he spent an entire hour at the YMCA daycare without having a meltdown, so I got in a great workout!!  :)  I timed it just right and it all worked out...


Z. hates his carseat with a passion (it's not one of the bucket ones) but if I time it correctly he'll fall asleep moments after I put him in it (but not without a good bout of screaming to let me know how angry he is).  I was in a fender bender a couple of days ago (not my fault) and I was soooo happy to have gotten him a good carseat and to have him rear facing.  I think we'll keep doing the rear facing until he no longer fits.


OK, I have about 10 minutes to take a shower before Z. wakes up from his nap... Much love to everyone!!!

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Pilar - isn't it awesome to get to work out again? :)


Element's post reminded me of something.  My oldest would only stop crying in the car if I had a pinky finger in her mouth.  I was driving a sedan and she was in the middle back seat so I could manage while driving.  For my middle kid the only thing that worked was cracking the window.  He needed that noise to stop screaming.  I haven't found Q's "stop screaming" trigger, but we'll get there.  Moral of the story is to just keep trying things until you find something that makes the car semi-tolerable!

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So far W seems like a great sleeper to me... his older brother really, really was not as a baby.  (I don't think he slept more than 2 hours in a row at any time in the day or night until he was probably 18 months old.)


W usually falls asleep for the first time around 8 or 8:30 pm, then gets up half an hour later to tank up on milk.  Once he's nursed his heart out, he falls into a deeeeep sleep and doesn't wake up again until 1 or 2 a.m.  Which seems totally astounding to me.  He is SO asleep during this period that I can change his diaper, get him into his jammies, etc, all without him waking up.  Sometimes I just set him down next to me on the couch after he's asleep and do something else for a while like read a book.  It's amazing.


He nurses in bed a bit at 1 or 2 or whatever, then usually falls asleep again til about 5.  5-7ish he spends nursing off and on typically, and then he's usually up for the day around 8.  He naps a few times during the day, but I haven't figured out any pattern to them.  (He's certainly not a 3-2-1 guy yet.)  Seems like he's sleepier in the mornings and then tends to be awake for almost all of the afternoon and early evening most days.  His napping is amazing to me though-- he's happy to nap in the wrap if we're out and walking around somewhere, but he's just as happy to nap in his car seat or lying on the floor or wherever.  


Pilar, congrats on getting a good workout!  


Oh, W hates the car too... still haven't figured out anything to do about that.  Luckily, he only goes in the car 2 or 3 times a week at this point, so it's not a big deal.

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Anemone is a dream baby. She falls asleep at 10, and since we co-sleep the night feedings are easy breezy--usually she'll sleep in 6 hour stretches and sleep-nurses when she's hungry and is up for the morning around 8 or 9. This is the routine she has set for herself and I LOVE it. She catnaps throughout the day unless she's in the car...then she goes on sleeping for about 2 hours. She is at 13.5 weeks now and is getting really good at her hand-eye coordination. She's great with holding up her head and amazingly great at standing (her legs have been super strong since birth). I've gotten 3 out loud giggles since I've had her (the first was from me sticking my tongue out at her, the following two were from me singing her name to the muppet "mana mana" song!). She's super content and happy 99% of the time, and the only time she fusses is when her tummy hurts.


As for me, I'm doing very well. I lost all my baby weight and I'm not feeling as crazy/paranoid/guilty as I did in the beginning. The only problem I'm having is in the sex department--it's incredibly painful, so we've only tried a couple times. It's sooooo painful--worse than losing virginity painful--and it hurts even without penetration (he tried oral a couple times and I got sharp shooting pains and had to stop). I've also noticed a lot of redness down there, and one inner lip seems much bigger than the other. This is a new occurance, so I don't think it's related to the birth. The only thing I can think of that I've done differently is only shower every few days as opposed to every day, so maybe it's yeast? Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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Isabel will be 4 months tomorrow. I love being her Mom. I'm very impressed by her. She loves tummy time, especially on top of Mommy. She's over 15 lbs now, so she's gaining really well. She loves making sounds, she babbles constantly making vowel and consonant sounds, hooting, howling, clicking and just enjoying herself. She has rolled over from front to back a few times now, and seems to enjoy trying new things. Though gets frustrated, too.


She loves her Sophie Giraffe, the very first day she got it, she started gnawing on it immediately grasping it with her little hands, shoving ears and feet as far as she can into her mouth. It's adorable watching her go to town on it. Everyday she's getting better at holding and maneuvering. The other item she loves are her tiny newborn cloth diapers I use as milk rags while she breastfeeds, once we're done she likes to clutch them and fall asleep holding them.


Isabel loves going visiting. I'm amazed at how well she behaves anytime we visit family, or go anywhere. She babbles and charms everyone cooing and smiling, refusing to sleep, so often once we get home I have a cranky baby on my hands. She wants to see everything, she's fascinated by life.


I am amazed at how quickly she's turning into her own person.


Breastfeeding is becoming more difficult, because she's constantly distracted, turning her head to see what's going on. Latching and unlatching so frequently my nipples are feeling a little sore again. I've found that nursing while side-lying helps block out distractions, or completely focusing on her helps.


Being a Mommy is so much more difficult than I could have imagined. Some days I just long for a break. Isabel is completely amazing and wonderful, but it's a tough transition from having no one depending on me, to having a tiny little thing that needs me to do everything for her 24/7. I do most of the work, and do have some support and family nearby, but Mommyhood is exhausting. This past week we've both been sick, just bad colds, and I've had a bad cough. I feel like I never have a chance to rest. Even if we're lying down watching tv or reading, she needs my attention most of the time. Breastfeeding is draining, and I understand why so many women choose not to. Today DH took her to visit Grandma to give me a little break, the second time he's taken her anywhere without me, but it's nice to have a couple hours to myself.


And I'm pretty sure Isabel is a fairly easy baby, she wants constant attention, but is alright for short periods by herself. She sleeps fairly well, nurses a few times during the night, and goes right back to sleep with little to no fussing. She's cheerful and happy most of the time, especially if she's being held, rarely cries. She's nursed like a champ from the beginning. But it's hard being a Mommy, especially this week when I was craving some TLC of my own. And breastfeeding this week has been 24/7 since she's also been sick, so I've felt doubly drained. It's exhausting, but wonderful.


I love watching her become a person. I love being her favorite person ever. I love waking up to her tiny coos and smiles even at 7 am, when I'd love to sleep until noon, just one day. I love the way she grabs my hand to shove into her mouth, because I am her favorite chew toy. And I love breastfeeding her, and seeing her eyes getting sleepy as she looks up at me so contentedly. I love cuddling her tiny body. I love the way her eyes follow me around the room.




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Baby has basically doubled his birth weight, his head control has been and continues to be insane, and he loves his maternal grandfather to bits.   I haven't missed any sleep since we got home from the hospital after his stint there at three weeks old because of pyloric stenosis.


I've lost all the baby weight, though I am severely out of shape because my hips are still really loose and walking a lot hurts like crazy, but I'm getting there :)


Oh, and little man loves him his car rides. We had to get rid of the bucket seat because he's so long (over 26 inches and damn heavy at close to 17pounds), but he loves his Diono seat so much!  Looks at absolutely everything he can and only cries when we stop for long stretches in traffic when he wants to be moving :)

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I can relate to pretty much everything that's been said :) 


I'm completely, totally in love with Nico. He's such a sweet baby. He sleeps well - 8pm to 8am with a few feedings in between. He is nearly 4 months old. He was 7.15ibs at birth and is over 17lbs now. I wasn't expecting him to get so big so fast, and feel a little sad that those tiny days are behind us.  We're going to start foods soon and then transition him to his own bed. I snuck in a few tastes of fruits this week because he seemed interested while I was eating. He doesn't seem that close to sitting up yet but has rolled from his tummy to back a handful of times and tries to roll from his back to tummy. My mom visited last weekend and made him laugh a big loud belly laugh. I loved it. He found his thumb recently which is super cute, none of our other babies ever did that. We're trying to distract him from sucking it. He had eczema on his face and shoulders at around 2 months old, it went away easily but left a bumpy patch on his neck that never healed. I ended up having to put an antibiotic ointment on it which really cleared it up beautifully but now it's back again for no apparent reason. Any advice on that? I'm just using a cortisone cream on it now. 


My anxiety level is higher than normal, and kind of irrationally so. I could use more sleep. I've had mild insomnia since pregnancy. It was bad the past few weeks. I had a really hard time falling asleep and then the drop of a dime would wake me up and I couldn't go back to bed - no matter how tired I was. It was driving me seriously nutty but I spent a good 3 days out in the sunshine all day and it's better this week, thank goodness! We've had sex **once** yep once since babe was born. I'd like to work on that. My left hip is still out of whack and it's painful to lay flat on my back. I'm trying to stretch through it. 


It's really a wonderful feeling to have this baby in my life. I'm exhausted, but these problems are the good ones to have. 

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