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Growth Chart Question

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*Posting here because this is a breastfeeding related question, and I am guessing it has something to do with the many challenges we've been facing...but if it really belongs in another forum, I'm sorry! *


I'm really confused!


How different are the WHO charts and CDC charts? I'm not sure if they are as different as I am seeing, or if I am doing soemthing wrong. I think I read that my DD is below percentile 5 on CDC and around the 95th on WHO - it can't be that big of a difference can it? Maybe I am just doing the conversion wrong (ounces to kilos?)


IF the difference is that big, should I still be concerned that DD has dropped percentiles (on the CDC chart) - in other words her curve goes down instead of up?


Am I just obsessing too much? I just had a really good look at her chart for the first time today - pediatrician gave it to me to take to DD's GI appointment tomorrow - they are supposed to be figuring out why she "isn't gaining well."


Thanks for setting me straight! ;-)

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I'm assuming you have a DD under 2?


Here is the CDC chart:



Here is the WHO chart (published by the CDC):



How old is DD?  What weight?  What other weight points do you have for her (weight at different ages)?

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She's 4 months - was born December 9th.


I don't have her chart, but, I few I remember


Birth 8lbs 10oz (no medications or IV fluids)


Discharge at 3 days 8lbs 4oz


5 days 8lbs 2oz


2 weeks 7lbs 15oz


3 weeks 8lbs 1oz


1 month 8lbs 7oz


7 weeks 9lbs 2oz


2 months 9lbs 8oz


3 months 10lbs 2oz


4 months 10lbs 12oz (she had one in between, I just forget what it was)


Today 11lbs 2oz with her diaper on and using a different type of scale though


There is several I know I'm missing but, that's what I can remember (I had to look on my facebook actually lol)



I think maybe I had an old chart or mixed something up...there wasn't as much of a difference when I looked on the 2 you posted. The doctor she saw today (a GI, not her pediatrician who did the other weights without a diaper) said she was in the 3rd percentile currently, and he thinks based on her height she should be in the 25th.

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I think he was using CDC

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I just wanted to check what is going on with you.


As you noticed, she is very low on the weight percentiles for both charts.  That is not necessarily bad (or good), but can be concerning.  Is her lenght and head circumference increasing as expected?  Is she meeting developmental milestones?


I don't know how the doctor could say she "should" be in the 25th percentile--- not all people are perfectly proportional!  My DD's percentiles were 50points apart (85th percentile height, 35th percentile weight for example) and that was right *for her.*  She has a friend who was, since early childhood, the same height as her but regularily 15 pounds heavier.  She was quite healthy, but just much denser and more muscular.  Both were healthy!


Good luck!

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They haven't said anything bout her head circumfrance. The GI said her height dropped off the same time as her weight did, but, that he wasn't too worried because height isn't as acurate of a measurement. She's grown over 3" since birth...I'm not sure what is normal.


Another thing is that she's been supplimented with high calorie formula/"fortified" breastmilk since 3 weeks old...so she would probably be even smaller otherwise.


She does seem to be meeting milestones though...she's alert, smiling, cooing etc.


I've seen 3 IBCLCs already, but, I've been playing phone tag with a 4th today that is supposed to be really good...hoping she might have some better insight on things. We've got other things going on like tongue tie/low supply/allergies among other related issues, which is a complication. At the same time I keep hoping she is just small and things will start falling into place so I can relax! Neither of my other kids were very big, though they gained more steadily than her. One was mainly breastfed and one was mainly formula fed.



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Wow, that's a lot to worry about.  I hope you can figure everything out.

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