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TTC after Mirena

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Hi all.  I'm new to this site and wanted to introduce myself.  I am 29 yo, married and have 3 beautiful children...all of which were unplanned, while I was in college and before I was married.  Now that my husband and I are married we want to officially plan to conceive a child, but I'm overly worried it will take a long time and I am NOT a patient person when it comes to things I want.  I got pregnant with each of my kids on some form of bc, the pill, the patch and the ring...I was pretty sure my body just rejected bc but the mirena worked and I didn't have any periods, so I was happy with it.  I never had any problems with it, no cramping, no depression, no weight gain...and no unplanned pregnancies. 


I had my first 3 kids in 4 1/2 years, my oldest is now 7 and my baby is 3, middle one is 5.  I got my Mirena put in June 2009 after my youngest was born and I just had it removed on April 3.  I stopped having periods with it, but still got that menstral like feeling every month, if that makes sense.  I had some light spotting on the 2nd and 3rd day after removal.


I have done a lot of research and lurked on boards like these and educated myself on what I need to do to know when I ovulate so that we would have the best chances.  I know some people say their doctors told them to wait a month or two to let their uterine line build back up, but mine so go for it...no need to wait.  So my Mirena came out on a Tuesday and that same Friday and Saturday I got a smiley face on my clearblue easy fertility monitor.  It seemed weird to me that it came so quickly, but I had my first "menstral like" feelings (confirmed by my DH as he said I was being moody and B***chy) on March 27th...so technically that would make that cycle day 11 and 12.  We did the bd from the 3rd through the 9th and then again 13th and 15th. 


Today I have had some brownish spotting, not a ton just enough to have to wear a pantyliner because I work white pants to workblush.gif

maybe its implantation bleeding, maybe it's some side effect of mirena coming out. I took a HPT but it was negative, but I'm thinking it was too soon, just anxious.


I would love to hear other peoples stories about life after the mirena.  I've heard so many bad ones that it makes me nervous!

If anyone has stuck with this story long enough to read it all, thanks ;)

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I conceived my first daughter 2 months after having my mirena out (I had it for 4 years). Went to totally absence of periods with the mirena to pregnancy! 


Good luck mama. 

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I have had Mirena twice.

The first time was after DD1 was born. I had it for about a year, had it removed, spotted a few days later for a few days, got my first real period about a month later, and conceived DD2 that cycle.

The second time I had Mirena for a year and a half. I had it removed this Jan. 13, and I had what I thought was my first period from Feb. 5-7. However, I found out on Feb. 22 that I was pregnant, so there is no way that light bleeding/spotting was a period (and we really weren't trying very hard during that time, since I didn't know where I was at in my cycle). Unfortunately, I started bleeding on the 26th, and I had a miscarriage (that took a while and needed medical assistance to complete). I do wish I had waited to TTC until I got that first real period; because I've experienced it, I do believe there is something true about the thought that a cycle may be needed to thicken the uterine lining.

Good luck to you!
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lucky you bearandotter I was hoping this would be me, but AF came for real on Wednesday, which from what I have read from other posts is somewhat normal 2 weeks after mirena comes out...so we'll try for next month.


CamoShades I'm sorry to hear about your experience, I've never been through that but I know it has to be difficult even if it is in the very beginning.  I was kind of worried about that happening to me if I got pregnant right after removal, so I guess I'm happy not to worry as much next month.  I'm also happy that I have a starting point to go from because I didn't have my period with the mirena.  I have been temping and using opk's this last time but I felt like I got a smiley face too soon, even though the box says it's 99% effective.  Anyways, my husband let me buy the Digital Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and I set it with my cycle yesterday so today I am off to find the monitor sticks that go in it...hopefully better luck next month to both of us ;)

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I'm glad to hear you got your period and that you will be able to TTC with less worry this month! Good luck to you. Oh, and I got my period today, for the first time since my loss, so maybe we'll wind up pregnant together!
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Congrats to you too...heres to planning for bfp's in May!!! 

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