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Homebirther here

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   I'm a very young mother of six, all homebirthed. Just looking for some time away (while at home) with other open-minded mothers who may or may not share my feelings about homebirth, raising children and everything that comes along with it. My oldest is 14 and starting highschool in just a few short months while the youngest is 2 and just starting to wear underwear outside the house. I married at the age of 16 while pregnant and wouldn't you know it we beat the odds and even after a long 4 years in the military and 1 tour in Iraq we're still married. Take that statistics! hehe. That's about all I have to share for now. Look forward to reading about other experiences through this newly found forum. Have a Grateful Day.

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Very cool!  Welcome to the Mothering message boards.  It's great to have you here. :D

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Welcome to MDC! 

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