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nauseous again?

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I'm 11w3d and suddenly am getting SO nauseous again...I think it might be in part to stopping the b6, I figured I didn't need it anymore since I felt great.  I'm going to start it back up again as soon as I can swallow vitamins but right now everything is making my mouth water with that gross nausea feeling. 


Has anyone had a return of MS?  I'm kind of bummed, it's hitting my hard at night and I've been laying in bed trying not to gag....


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I have HG so it never goes away.  :(  Or at least it doesn't tend to go away for at least another month. I actually feel better in the morning (sleep helps a LOT) but by mid-afternoon/evening, I'm spent.  So, I'm going on week 8 of the nausea/vomit episodes and expect that I have another 4-6 weeks to go.  I feel for you!  It's not fun.....I look forward to third trimester discomfort compared to the crappy feeling of feeling gross at all times.  

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Same here! I am almost 10 weeks. And yes the nausea has come back! I crave nothing but the coffee flavor and sugar. I put the seabands back on and will add the B-6 tonight. I thought I was free and clear!

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I didn't have much m/s with my DD (if you look back at my posts, you see a few frantic ones asking if anything is wrong lol). This time, it's all.day.long, since about 5 weeks. Ugh. No advice, but we can be queasy together lol. 

Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › nauseous again?