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MIA Folks

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Just wondering where a bunch of the early posters have gone. Hope everything is ok with everyone. Missing keeping up with you. redface.gif

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I haven't been posting much just because life is nuts. We are going through a transition stage (a good one though) with our business and we are planning to move our home and business 2k miles when babe is 3 months old so I'm massively decluttering the house.

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I'm the same as dogmom237! Busy! We're in the middle of moving from the US to Russia and everything has just been crazy. I just gave my two week notice to work not too long ago and I'm trying to go through things and sell what I can and re-prioritize. It'll be much easier once I get to where I'm not working to juggle everything I think! :) My schedule just takes it out of me! Other than that, I'm great! The little baby is active and seems healthy so far! joy.gif

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I'm here! Been reading, just too lazy to post (I had to put down my ice cream to post this!). I'll try to chime in more.

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I'm still here, too, I've just been working a ton of overtime lately and don't have as much time for the computer. This is the first time I've checked in here in a while.
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I haven't posted much at all, but I do read regularly! We finally got our laptop fixed a few weeks ago, so I will probably post more often!  It sucks typing on my phone.


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I stopped getting the update messages in my email for whatever reason, probably wasn't posting enough, so I'd forget to come here. Distracted by many things, tired, etc.  Baby's doing great, 28 weeks today.  Found out I'm anemic, third trimester hit me like a truck.  Feeling huge, but knowing I'm going to get SO much bigger before this is done!  Hope you're all well!

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got sidetracked by work being hectic and haven't had a chance to check in for a while.

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I'm still here! Just getting sidetracked with everything as well. 

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life. AGH!

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I am here still, I try to check in when I can.. Just CRAZY busy with a farm and large garden! and 5 kids :)

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Where is everybody lol? So many familiar faces dropped off of our board!

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I'm here!  Now that I am at home, though, it is harder to make myself sit down at the computer.  I have been trying to get everything ready for the birth and whatnot, cook some freezer meals, get some walking in...  I love being at home instead of working for these last precious weeks!

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Even though I am a SAHM I know what you mean. I have been wanting to make things like lasagna, green enchiladas, nigerian chicken stew (I know, specific, but freezes well and is delicious!) and other meals to have on hand when I am not up for making dinner. Thankfully my mom lives with us and my ILs are like 15 mins away.


I have been thinking of you, too, though. How are the pre-term labor symptoms affecting you? Is your stress level down a lot more with no work?

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I've found that this group is just not as active as some of the other DDCs, and messages never seem to appear when I click New Posts. It's also kind of hard to navigate to the social groups -- it's not as intuitive as getting to the forums. Hopefully things will pick as we get closer to delivery!

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Triple07 - thank you for thinking of me!!!  :)  The preterm stuff has calmed down quite a bit since I got the work stuff figured out.  I still have contractions now, but it's no longer too early for baby to come, so I'm feeling great!!!  Thank you for asking - that is super sweet of you.  I hope that you are still doing well, too!

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Wondering about MaerynPearl and sjdragonfly. Both were so active in the boards but haven't seen anything from them in quite a while. Hope all is well...
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Hi ladies. :) I lurk every once in a while, but I haven't really been posting. Life has been so crazy lately. This coming week is my last week at work (finally) and when I get home I pretty much just ignore the computer altogether. At work they're letting me leave whenever I'm finished with my stuff for the day so I just go full steam ahead so I can go home around lunchtime, which is pretty awesome. I had 3 days in a row of actually having a nap! It almost seems like I won the lottery or something! haha. I'm turning 37+5 right now, so I definitely get tired by the afternoons these days. 


I can't wait to hear about all of the new babies that are about to be popping up over here. :)

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I post around mothering but mostly lurk and read smile.gif all in all life is busy and I get sick of the computer fast. Having 3 other kids, 2 older ones finishing their school year, flu season, etc. I'm also trying to get all outstanding appointments and errands finished so I've been running to drs, dentists, not to mention my midwives every week! Also trying to sort photo albums and do some other things I've been neglecting smile.gif) but once this baby comes hopefully I will finally get a chance to relax! Yea, right wink1.gif. Good luck to all the ladies! Happy birthing smile.gif
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I know, I disappeared. I am on my phone much more than my computer anymore and last I checked mothering didn't have a reliable mobile app so it's a pain in the rear to get on. :( 

Baby's still in there, still don't know who baby is and hoping so hard that baby comes this Wednesday.

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