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Does strep throat have nasal congestion as a symptom?

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Last Friday morning dd started having a fever, it progressed to 103 degrees. Through the weekend it got up to 105 at one point. But hovered around 103 and 104. She hardly slept, said her tummy hurt, had some periods of saying there was icky stuff in her mouth and spitting it out but not vomiting (she hasn't vomited since she was 3 and she's now 6). She said her neck hurt. She had a slight cough, but not consistent and said her throat kinda hurt but not much. She also had slight congestion but not much. She was layed out and could not leave the couch.

I gave her some tylenol on saturday night when the fever was 105 and I really didn't know what to do, and I never give her tylenol. It brought the fever down a bit but didn't really seem to help all that much.

Monday morning I brought her to the pedi office and saw another dr. since ours has mondays off. She did a quick strep test and it was positive. She said before the test came back that she probably has strep since her fever was so high, along with stomach pain and swollen glands. We started her on antibiotics (1st time EVER). Monday night and last night she has had really bad congestion. And now has been sleeping HORRIBLY bc of that. Although yesterday her fever was gone.


When reading online I saw that Strep doesn't have cold type symptoms (ie congestion, cough). So now I am doubting that she has strep. What do you mamas think? 


Thanks for any advice.


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Well, lab tests usually don't lie.  If he tested positive for strep then that's at least one thing she has.  My daughter had a cold and then seem to have been better for a couple of days then all the sudden she got a fever and was telling me that her throat felt like she was swallowing butter.  She tested positive for strep and we did use anti-biotics. If I know for sure she has something and I know its something she might have a hard time kicking, I use the antibiotics - especially because of the complications that can occur with untreated Strep.  But my point is that She had a cold and then picked up strep - most likely in school since there were other kids battling it.  With a bunch of cold viruses and flus going around and strep in an easy-to-transmit classroom, its not unlikely that she has both a cold and strep.  Like I said, my daughter did.  However, the Dr. did tell me that if she keeps getting sick like that, that I should have her tested for Mono.  And another Dr. disagreed so... you'll have to get your own medical opinion for that one. 

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Thanks for your reply. I guess that could be that she has more than one thing going on. She seems much better with the congestion the latter half of this day. We will see how tonight goes. She has never been down and sick for this long ever. 


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we have all gotten sick these past 2 yrs more than ever.  its been terrible.  does your dd go to school?  i originally planned on homeschooling but our current situation doesnt really support a successful hs environment. and since dd started school, she's been getting sicker more often. we eat well, we take vitamins and use good remedies and immune boosters as well as good hygiene and we still get sick.... its sooo frustrating. 

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