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Postpartum depression prevention or lessoning- any ideas?

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I had terrible postpartum depression and anxiety when I had my daughter.  That was seven years ago and my life is completely different now.  I do want to make sure I do everything possible to prevent that happening again, or at least lessen the depression.  The hormone crash was insane.  

I will exercise, join a baby group, take vit D.  I'll look into placenta capsulization, has anyone done this and felt like it helped postpartum? 

Does anyone have any suggestions for preventing or lessoning postpartum depression?

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I have crazy anxiety after birth, and the depression seems to hit later for me.  Some things I have used that helped are taking a B-complex viatimin along with continuing prenatal vitamins, getting out in the sun everyday, and socializing even when I feel like being a hermit, and some herbal tinctures like Mortherwort and Vitex are great for leveling hormones.  I also do teas to help me sleep immediately postpartum because otherwise I will literally not sleep for days. Catnip, lemon balm, passion flower and nettle are some of my favorites as teas. Catnip is especially potent and really helps me relax.   I'm lucky that I have a midwife who is also an herbalist, so she's helped me navigate some of this. 


Two great books with postpartum stuff are Natural Health after Birth by Aviva Romm  http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Health-after-Birth-Postpartum/dp/0892819308/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334762564&sr=1-5



And this one for herbal stuff.  The Nursing Mother's Herbal  http://www.amazon.com/Nursing-Mothers-Herbal-Human-Library/dp/1577491181/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334762641&sr=1-1


I feel like since I know I am prone to this stuff, that hopefully it will be easier to handle this time, because at least I will be more ready for it if or when it hits. 

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I haven't ever had a problem- but my midwife says that is because I am on thyroid suppliments- so that might be something for you to look into as well.  I take a good iodine supplement and thytrophin pmg (both from standard process)


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I have experience so much healing by exploring my subconscious conditioning and developing a meditative practice. A few years ago my mom had some sort of brain trauma (we don't know what happened). She has severe dementia, now.  I think it triggered allot of anxiety and soul searching for everyone in the family. So while my experience isn't with postpartum depression, I know what it is like to have a life event impact your heart. Here is a link to an artical that touches on some of the ideas I am talking about.


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The placenta helps a TON with the hormone crash! I have never used it dried but I had it raw/frozen and it made a huge difference. 

Other than that make sure you are on a good VitD3 (oil based, from cholecalciferol), a good b-complex, magnesium citrate, and you get plenty of good fats (like coconut oil). And don't overlook the power of sunshine and fresh air to lift your mood.
Lemon balm can help with depression but it can also reduce milk supply so I would use that carefully. Blessed thistle can help with depression as well and motherwort is awesome for anxiety. There are different beliefs about the safety of these herbs while nursing so research it on your own and make the choice. I have used motherwort and blessed thistle with an older nursling but not a newborn; I would do it if I was experiencing symptoms though. 

Melatonin is great for getting to sleep, which can be difficult with depression and anxiety, and I have taken that while nursing. 

I would also do some Emotional Freedom Technique work on the experience with PPD last time so that I could go into this pregnancy with a fresh start and not bring in the expectation of a repeat experience. : http://eft.mercola.com/


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Thanks everybody.  

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