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Prescribed antibiotics for a cold

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My 6yo dd is currently battling a chest cold.  She has been fevering for a few days but it is currently gone.  While she was still fevering at about 101.9 and had a wet cough with some congestion, she was seen by our family Dr.  Our Dr. usually understands our desire not to over-use antibiotics and she usually is completely on board with avoiding the use unless there is a really good reason.  However, I was surprised that even though she said my daughter's chest doesn't sound bad but she wanted to use antibiotics just in case.  Antibotics JUST IN CASE???  I don't think so.  So, because i'm afraid to call and question her decision and say that I don't agree, I've skipped the antibiotics to see how dd does over the next day.  Her fever is currently gone which from what I understand would indicate there isn't any infection.  And without a secondary infection during a cold virus, there isn't any need for antibiotics, right?  My only problem is that though her fever broke, her cough sounds worse and junkier with congestion.  The mucus is still clear without any yellow or green.  And she says it doesn't hurt at all when she coughs...  So has anyone experienced a cold like this?  I don't want to use the Antibiotics (if its not necessary) but I don't want her getting bronchitis or pneumonia either...  Any advice?

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If it is viral antibiotics are not oging to help anyway. We have only ever given them to our oldest 2 for dental infections and prophylactically once with a broken arm. 


If the cough is bothering her get an expectorant which will help move the moucas out of her chest. We get a good one from Whole Foods but should be at most health food stores. Also some warm tea and a bit of honey.Garlic can also help fight infection.

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Whats the name of the expectorant that you use? Can you give me an idea of how well it works for you? Also, how much honey/garlic do you use per serving?

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Natureade herbal expec..my husband and mil both think it is the best thing. We have a kids version too, don't remember if it is thesame brand,but this one is god for 6+.


About a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm tea works well for soothing throats and breaking up gunk. 


Garlic, if she can swallow pills you could get some in capsules and give 1 or 2 daily or fresh I'd cook with as much as she'd  eat. 

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