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Hi ladies...


I just found out that I am expecting twins!


I am very excited, and feeling blessed.  At the same time, I am feeling scared and sad.


I was planning my VBAC Homebirth... and now I've lost my MW (she doesn't do twins) and feeling worried that I might end up with another c/s. I'm an active ICAN member, and I know I'll find support there... but this is just a whole new venture. I need to research VBAC twin births, rates of UR... and it sounds like I may have to prepare for fighting some of what might be over-medicalized approach.


I know nothing about twins... I know from the US yesterday that mine have their own sacks and placentas... but, that's about it. We are keeping the gender a surprise :)


I'm 16 weeks and 2 days... due October 1st - any other twin mama's or veterens out there..?



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I don't have any experience with multiples, but I just wanted to say Congratulations! That is so exciting and I'm sure comes with its own particular set of concerns. I'm sure you'll get some great advice from the parents of multiples here, I'm just so excited for you and your family. 2 Babies! How wonderful.


-LA :)

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Not a twin mama, but congrats!! joy.gifjoy.gif ICAN is wonderful and I hope you find a MW who will assist, if that's the way you decide to go. big hugs mama!
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Congratulations!!! I understand your feelings. I have no experience with twins but it sounds like your well connected and right now time is on your side as far as researching your options for providers. Good luck. Was your MW able to make any suggestions? How are AZ laws for VBAC in general?

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congrats on the twins hon. perhaps there is another MW in your area who will do twins?

if not i would talk to your local ICAN members and every MW in the area and ask them what Ob they recommend for your situation. and GET A DOULA.  (which I'm sure you know but I'm reminding you ;) )

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Hi Caitlyn,


I just saw your post in the Multiples forum and thought I recognized you from my DDC! Congratulations! We found out early about our twins (last pg was ectopic) so I have had a lot of time to adjust already. How was your first tri? Mine was definitely different from my singelton pg.! Did you have any suspicions or was it a complete surprise?


I don't have any advice for you on the MW search, as unfortunately I live in a natural-birth-unfriendly state. My personal preference would be to deliver in a birth center with a MW but that would mean driving 1.5+ hours out of state, or 1.5+ hours in state for a MW-assisted hospital L&D. Something I seriously considered, but with my DS, I didn't want to have a separation from him and his new siblings any longer than necessary. So I did not end up contacting any midwives, and don't know how they would have responded to a request to birth twins at home. I am very supportive of home birth, but it's not our personal choice. There was just recently a very helpful, respectful, honest thread about HBing twins in the Multiples forum that may be of help to you, though no one in AZ I believe.


Anyway, I'm happy to have a fellow twin mama here in the DDC with me. Hopefully there will be a few more and we can get a little chat going! I am due mid-Oct. and really hoping to get there or very close.

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Just wanted to say congrats!! I'm sure having twins will be a huge blessing to your family!  I hope you can find a supportive midwife!!

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Caitlyn -

Congrats!! Have you found out more information now - or a midwife that will support you?  I'm a mom of twins, but didn't have a VBAC. I have read plenty of stories of twin mom's who have done VBAC, even at home.  Check out the book "Having Twins and More" by Elizabeth Noble. I'm sure there are others too - but that book was helpful to me.

I had a home birth with baby #4, then called the midwives back when I was pregnant with #5. I looked big, but didn't measure big until 20 weeks, had a US and TWINS! They were in their own sacks, I was relatively low risk otherwise, and my midwives had delivered several sets of twins before, so my midwives were comfortable continuing with HB, as long as I made it to 37 weeks. They didn't have a Dr. affiliate in my area, so they wanted me to arrange a back-up in case of labor before 37 weeks. However, how do you ask a Dr. 'So, will you be my back-up if something goes WRONG?!' so after several conversations, the ER was my back-up plan - and live in a metro area so there are probably 4 hospitals with-in 5 miles of my home. Their only other criteria for me was to hire a 3rd midwife to help, so that in the even of any issues there would be one MW to attend to each of us.


Definitely seek great nutrition - lots of protein, iron and water. (I did become anemic late in pregnancy - Floradix helped tons) I took naps daily. But never was required to go on bed rest. Every day was chalked up as 'made it one more day!'  Until finally at 38 weeks I wondered if they'd ever be born. We made it to 39 weeks 2 days, delivered at home, 2 healthy big girls 50 mins. apart. 7lbs 14oz, 7lbs 9oz. (baby 2 was breech)  Everything went so well, we really didn't need 3 midwives, but it was nice reassurance and to have the 3rd as she was an expert on breech babies too. So she mainly got to hold babies and paint toenails so we wouldn't confuse the babies with each other while we got to know them.


I'm actually 15 weeks with baby #7 (DDC December), and am wondering if it could be multiples again - or if my belly is just that stretched out - I look HUGE already. Get to meet with the MW in a few days for the first appt.


Good luck!

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