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Triumph: Managing cluster feeding such that I can eek out 20 minutes to sit and eat at table with DH. eat.gif
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many hugs tracy! that sounds awful!


yay for eatin w your hubby rosie!


triumph for me- got a book on my kindle for middle of night feeding, makes me not miss sleep so much...also went on an outing as a family of four today, wohoo!

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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Tracy, did you boobs stay really sore after starting the meds? Mine aren't hard anymore, just feel like they have been used as punching bags.

It was definitely still tender for several days after starting the antibiotics. I think the redness went away first, then the hard patch went away, then the pain.

Here's hoping this will be the last either of us see of mastitis!
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I'm still prego, but looking forward to the support from you wonderful ladies after I have this baby :-)  I'm 41 weeks and 2 days and really hoping I go into labor soon!  So happy to have these forums for support.  I don't have any great advice-- this will be my first :-)  But, congrats to you all!

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I'm a first timer too...but still waiting on babes arrival. I'm 40 weeks tmrw. Hopefully I'll be joining you soon.
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I JUST GOT REALLY NERVOUS FOR LABOUR!  So jealous of all you ladies who got midwives, too!
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yay for kindle books and meals at the table! 


triumph over here-- successfully managed to keep 6 kids alive, fed, and happy at the local pool for about 3 hours, with the help of friend.  and yep, this outing included my own 2 kids, which meant incessant nursing in public and trying to chase dd around... but had so much fun


also took both kids to a swim party completely on my own, and we all survived ;) 


today is my first day not taking Collin to the office with me, so I'm a little nervous.  he'll be with my mom, and i couldn't ask for a better caregiver for him, but it makes me sad to leave him.  it'll be our first time apart... :( 



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Originally Posted by chiromama01 View Post

today is my first day not taking Collin to the office with me, so I'm a little nervous.  he'll be with my mom, and i couldn't ask for a better caregiver for him, but it makes me sad to leave him.  it'll be our first time apart... :( 


Are you breastfeeding and if so, how did you start pumping and what's your pump schedule? I'm anxious about starting pumping. I'm kinda worried about messing with my boobs again! (cursed mastitis)

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Rosie I am nursing.  I started by pumping after his morning feedings, which gave me about an ounce on each side, and I was able to store a bit that way.  Any time my breasts felt engorged, or I felt like he had eaten till he was full but maybe there was some milk left, I pumped.  He also tends to eat a bit less often at night, so I pump when he should *in theory* be eating.  And eventually I was able to get about 20 oz of milk in the fridge in about 8-10 days.  I'm usually only gone for one feeding a day, and he seems to eat about 4 oz at a feeding, so thus far I've been able to keep up.  Some days I can pump more than he eats and keep up, other days not, but it all seems to even out.  Of course now that I am at work, I do pump when I'm there too for that missed feeding.  


Good Luck!!!

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Thanks chiro. I'm starting to pump after his morning meal. Got a half ounce two days age, and an ounce yesterday. I'm using a manual pump. Is it silly that I'm reticent (nervous? Scared?) to open up the double electric? I'm actually pretty concerned about flange sizing.
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I wish I were near some of you to give my milk to.  On day 3 I was able to pump 6 oz in about 15 minutes, after a feeding!  Luckily my supply has settled, so I'm not so uncomfortable, but I could still feed multiple children on my supply. 

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i hear you on the milk, Jenny. I'm on day 4 now and when i woke up this morning my breasts were both literally dripping and rosie's receiving blanket was soaked because I had been snuggled up next to her while we were asleep.  I'm still not sure if I should be pumping or not.  I want to relieve the pressure, but I don't want to encourage them too much.
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Tara - kellymom says pump for 30 seconds if needed to relieve pressure, but not more. When I'm engorged and sore, I wake Odin up to eat. When my breasts are so full that it's hard to get Areola in his mouth, I do reverse pressure softening, just use fingers to push my areola in for a minute. It gives me a window to stuff softened tissue in his mouth.
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Triumph! I went to the garden center with DH and odin to buy transplants (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants). O slept in the car, then in my arms as we walked around filling up our flats. He woke up, I nursed while walking around, he fell asleep, I covered back up, we paid and left. Sounds like not much but for me, this is a huge triumph!
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mommy triumph... I just completed a full weekend seminar, without missing a single feeding!  Collin was either with DH, or wrapped up in his sling snuggled on my chest, nursing away or snoozing.  I glad I got through it, but I'm glad it's done!!!! Yay for having 12 hours of continuing ed credits finished already!!

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woohoo! that is a triumph indeed. 

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I sooooo wish I could nurse doing anything but sitting with my arms occupied with baby and boob.  soon?

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Yes, Tara, for sure! It will get easier - just in time for your LO to get heavier! :)


I am so much more skilled at nursing this one in various positions than I was with my DD, especially at this age. Still, I walk around nursing him and realize even though I can walk around and nurse, cooking dinner with one hand is rough. I can nurse in the Beco (or any of my other carriers) too, though....

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Wow! I'm impresed and jealous.  I thought i was doing great using a computer with one hand! I haven"t ventured antwhere! and this nipple shield doesn't help :-(

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bummer about the nipple shield!

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