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Went from team green to team.....

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So we didn't find out what our first two were until birth and I loved having that surprise at their births, I also really didn't have much of a preference for either gender. For this baby I felt that she was a girl but I was also really hoping she was a girl as I lost my first DD at birth and as much as I adore my DS and love being the mama to my sweet boy I really wanted the opportunity to raise a girl as well.


We were not going to find out (I kept flip flopping on that) and DH said he didn't want to know so I agreed not to. Well the last few weeks I have been kinda worried that I would have a bit of gender disappointment if the baby was not a girl as this will definitely be our last pregnancy. It was more of a feeling of grief of not having a girl rather then not wanting a boy (if that makes sense)  I was worried that if that happened at birth it may interfere with my bonding process at birth and I didn't want the baby to feel any feelings of any kind of disappointment/grief at it's birth and wanted to be able to work through those emotions pre-birth. Anyway I talked to DH about all of this last week and well today at our ultrasound (which was done to check on position of my placenta and also to check to see if baby was presenting any symptoms of SMA) the tech asked if we knew the gender of the baby and if we wanted to know and DH said "I am indifferent if you want to find out" and that I had brought up some valid thoughts last week. I thought about it and then towards the end of the U/S I asked the tech if she had seen the gender and she said yes and she showed me a potty shot and wrote I am a girl :)


I am 3 for 3 in my intuition of the gender of my babies :) I am also so happy I get the opportunity to raise a daughter alongside my son :)


Oh we also found out that my placenta has moved up, that baby is super healthy and is pretty large (97th percentile, which is what my DS was) Now my new issue is that the OB's are saying that they do not think I am an ideal candidate for a VBA2C but I am too happy to stress about that right now. 

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Yay!  I am gla dyou found out and are getting your girl.

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Hooray! Congrats on having a little girl! I think all of your reasons for finding out are totally valid, and I hope it all brings you a sense of peace knowing that things are working the way you thought and hoped for. So glad to know she's super healthy as well! Have you told DS that he's going to have a little sister yet?

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i know about gender disappointment. it wasnt that i didnt want my girls, just that i longed for a boy. i think that is why i kept having kids was bc i couldnt get past wanting that boy. strangely enough the last 2 pregnancies were surprises. they happened before i wanted to plan them. i was going to wait a few months longer. now i am done. i am so glad you got your little girl that you wanted. and i agree with finding out early. it really helped me both times to get over that it wasnt a boy and start loving on having a girl. i needed that time. and it made the welcoming of the baby home joyous. 

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Congrats on your little girl!!!!


I had to find out for the same reason- I didn't want to be disappointed in the first moments of the baby's life, i didn't want any negative emotions that could possibly interfere with that experience. If I were going to be surprised I think baby #1 would have been the time to try it. Too late.

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Thanks everyone for your understanding :) and your congrats.


It does bring me peace and I have told DS that he is going to have a little sister and he is very happy. He was hoping it was a girl too :)


Now I am obsessed at looking up knit patterns for skirties and little dresses. Can't wait to make one of those cute pillow case dresses someone on her had posted about :)

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Congrats on your baby girl!!  How sweet you get to have a girl :)

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Congrats!!  I was dissapointed when #2 was a boy  so I totally understand that. I didn't want to admit how badly I wanted a girl but when #3 was a girl it was obvious that I was SO happy :) 



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Congrats!  That is a very sweet post.  :)

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Yay! Honey I'm so happy for you, that's AMAZING!

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Congrats!  Awesome news that everything looks great, too!


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