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Weight gain

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Is there a thing such as too much weight gain? I am exclusively BF'ing and DS is gaining 14.5 ounces (430g) every week!


Anyone elses baby gaining so much? All my other babes were around the 8.5 ounce (250g) mark every week.




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I've been wondering this myself, but when asking LCs, nurses, and our pediatrician, they've all assured me that an exclusively breastfed baby can't gain too much. My DS gains an average of 2 ounces a day too. He was preterm, but nobody would know by looking at him. He's 3.5 months old (less than 2.5 adjusted) and about 16 lbs. I think some babies are just heavy gainers. When people comment on how big he is or assume he's 5 months old, I just smile. I'm proud of my exclusively breastfeed little man!

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How old is your little guy?

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