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K12 vs Connections Academy

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Has anyone here used both?


I have 3 sons  (4, 11, 13) I am thinking of enrolling in a VA for this upcoming school year. I have already tried K12, and pulled my oldest two out after a month. Mostly because my oldest struggled alot (the math was very hard for him) and some of it seemed pretty advanced for him. My 11 yr old liked most of it, but then we started having problems with the math also, so I just pulled him out because I wanted to try going independent. Now I am missing the ease of the ready curric and schedules, lol.


Anyway, I like how K12 is more of a classical approach and I think it was working well for my 11 year old - he likes to be challenged and gets stuff easily. After reading reviews and looking at the Connections website I love how they use little videos to teach and have access to Brain Pop and Discovery. That is right up my oldest's alley. He loves videos, and loves Brain Pop. And they seem to have a ton of clubs and I hear the curric is easier than K12.


I'm not sure if its a good idea to have the kids enrolled into two different VA's though. And I'm worried about all the online classes you have to take with CA. Or that my 11 year old will be jealous of the clubs that CA has. Anyway, I would love to hear your pros and cons of each and what your opinion is of what I should do. Also, what do you think of this review I found: http://flyingmonkeyshomeschool.blogspot.com/2011/05/louisianas-virtual-charter-schools.html



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I've never tried CA but it boiled down to 2 reasons as to why I didn't enroll. The program used the same books the local B&M did and I felt it was substandard (I'd been with a K12 VA for 3 years at that point so K12 was the bar I used). I went back to K12 because it was a year advanced and it worked well for my child once we added the visuals (Brainpop, Hippocampus ect). We use K12 LA, Science and History independently now then use Teaching Textbooks for math. The 2nd reason I opted not to use it was entirely personal but the women who organized all the student outtings was a total racist, homophobic, umm, can't think of a nice word but point blank told the group she HS'd to keep her kids away from "those types" (yes, she flat out said gays) and I didn't want my children exposed to that woman's ideas when ever we went on a field trip. This was a few years ago when it first came to our state so some things may have changed.

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ok, just read the blog you linked to and this right here "grade based rather than mastery based. Need a 67% to pass." would be a deal breaker for me. You child only need's a D to pass? It also doesn't seem to go at your childs pace and even if they don't get it you move on. Call me a pain but if my kid can't hit 80% on a quiz working independently then they don't understand it and we need to spend a bit more time on the topic.

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I have never used CA, but I have talked to friends that have used it and the one thing that did sound nice with CA over K12 is that when your child gets less then the passing % the test does not give them he right answers so that they can just look at the answers and memorize the right answers and not really learn the material.  I have also heard that the writing curriculum for CA is more student friendly.  That is the one subject that my son hates with k12.  If we ever do try a cyber school again I would probably give CA a try, because we know that k12 and us are not a good match.

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