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Potty training

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Hey everyone. This is my first post here...

My daugher will be 2 in june and haven't started potty training till recently. She runs to the bathroom and sits on her potty but she refuses to go. But the second she gets off she will go lol. Anyone have any tips for me?

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I would consider that "intro to potty training".  


When she's really ready (I believe most kids are ready right around two) She will do it in under three days.  If you feel like she's ready, you take off the diapers, put on the panties and make a weekend of it.  If after day two, there's not a huge improvement or effort, stop for a few months and try again later.  


ETA:  I forgot to add....


I use a potty chair in the main room.  (the kid's playroom) and Sometimes I potty train several kids at once, it goes faster that way.  I bought a bunch of those one piece potties so I can clean it easily.  


She can watch tv or color etc while she sits there for a minute or so.  Don't have her sit there for very long unless she wants to.  If after a couple of minutes, it's probably not going to happen.


For the older kids (2 1/2-ish) I make a potty chart with stickers.  They love that because they are daycare kids, and it's something to take home.  After a few days, though, i'm tired of putting a sticker on their card every time they go potty a little.  Then they figure out how to control it and go every four minutes for a new sticker.  


I've heard candy is a great motivator, but I've never done that because it isn't fair to the other kids.

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At this age, I like Diaper Free Before 3.  My kids train by 2 or 2 1/2 but it doesn't take 3 days ROFL. And I think "readiness" is kind of a modern myth.

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My little girl acted similarly. She knew all about the "potty" but just didn't know how to use it - and yes the same thing, as soon as she got off, she would pee! 


After talking with her pediatrician at her 2 yr check-up that Friday I implemented my potty training strategy and by early in the next week she was completely out of diapers - she was even diaper free by the weekend! 


I have a website call My Pampered Child - it has exactly what I did. You don't have download anything and it doesn't cost anything - it's just a step by step guide to how I potty trained my little girl. 


BTW...my site has some other neat stuff as well such as how I ditched our crib at 12 months and put my daughter on a floor bed (Montessori). 





My Pampered Child

Is My Preschooler Gifted?

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Chloeysmommy, thanks for this post.  Exactly what my 21-month old does.  


maggiejones, thank you for the recommendation.  I checked out your 'step by step' guide and it is so basic.  I really appreciate your curating and sharing what worked for you.  Now, I just need to patiently wait for more signs!


Good stuff!

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