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What's your favorite cover?

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Over a prefold?
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i really like diaperaps and have just been introduced to kawaii covers.

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have heard lots of good things about kawaii covers. I will look into it. Thank you!

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Thirsties or Bummis Super Brites

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Thanks Nicole, do you have any experience with the Thirsties duos?

And I forgot to ask, snaps or Aplix?

I currently have some wonder wraps ( Velcro) and econobums snaps. I don't love either of them. So for the next babe I want something new.
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I do.  I found the Duo Wrap Size 1 to fit pretty much from birth (8lbs 8oz 20 in) to about 4-5 months.  Then the Size 2 from 4-5 months until potty training.  But, she is a tiny girl at potty training, 21lbs and 31 inches.   I almost exclusively use hook and loop closures and I much prefer them.  I don't feel as though I can get a snug enough fit with the snaps.  I have one Thirsties Size Medium in snaps that I don't use as often because it's not as snug.  My Bummis Super Brites were bought used and they are hook and loop and have gone through 3 children now and are still going strong. 


The Thirsties Extra Small do fit better on a newborn, but the Duo size 1's will work.    I have 2 size 1 duo's and 2 Thirsties Extra Small.  Then I use the 2 size 1 Duo's as smalls too, and I have 1 Thirsties Small, and quite a few Prowraps in small.  For Medium, I feel as though I have a ton of covers - 3 Super Brites, 3 Thirsties Medium, and 2 Thristies Duo, plus some random ones I've collected and don't use as often.  I've never needed beyond size medium.  The Thristies Duo size 2, will fit a little earlier than the sized Medium's will.

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Awesome! Thanks, that helps a ton!
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I love motherease airflow covers. Snaps all the way for me. Velcro rubs the belly of my babies.
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Mommy's touch one size...snap. :)

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I preferred Aplix in the very beginning, because I could get a snug fit, and snaps seem to have more of a learning curve. It took more time to figure out how tight to snap, which snaps to use, but now at 4 months old I always reach for the snaps. The reasons 1) I've found aplix sometimes gets stuck on clothing, and comes undone, leading to messes. 2) The strip of Aplix across the front seems uncomfortable for LO, pressing against her tummy. The fabric on the snap diapers allows for more flexibility and movement. Also as another poster mentioned the aplix can irritate sensitive skin, hers and mine.3) Snaps hold up better in the wash, after a few months some of the aplix is curling on my diapers, and full of lint, which is a PIA the pick out. My snap diapers still look brand new.


I did however prefer the newborn sized Aplix organic Imse Vimse cover, to the snap Imse Vimse cover, as the aplix was far softer and flexible than most, and for a newborn the fit was much better with aplix. I really liked my Imse Vimse covers, followed by Bummis whisper wraps. Now I've switched mostly to pockets, my DH prefers them; they're super easy. Grovia covers are really nice, I use the AI2 system, but they can be used with prefolds. I'd highly recommend checking them out. The snap version is easy to adjust and fits really well.

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I like Thirsties (the one-size kind, not the Thirsties Duo kind).  They're nicely adjustable, waterproof but not too plasticy feeling, and they hold up well and don't leak very often.  And I like the cut...some of the other covers we tried didn't have a high enough rise to quite cover the little bit of diaper in front, so there would be contact leaking on the front of DD's onesie a lot.  I almost never have that problem with Thirsties.  The Thirsties Duos were okay but cut differently (wider & shorter)--didn't like them as much.


Aplix all the way over here.  The snaps drove me crazy.  (Sometimes they look snapped but aren't completely and will fall open later....)

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AMP Covers are the best!! We use the One size, the sized All in two's and the sized duos.  They have snaps, two rows which are great for getting a good fit.  Super trim even when I have to super stuff, I have great pee'ers :)  We also, when we want convenience, we will use the All In ONes...they are awesome in the diaper bag and when my DD wants to fight a change.  They are velcro close (the only ones that don't rub baby's belly!), and they just came out with Snaps for the AIO's...gonna stock up on those!!

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Love the Thirsties one size with Aplix. I have the duos and I just don't get as good of a fit. Lite wraps are also good and really inexpensive if you just want to try one.
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When we were having difficulty with super skinny legs, Imse Vimse was the best, the gussets caught EVERYTHING! 


But now the Mommy's Touch OS with snaps, hands down.  I need to get a few more for this new baby. 

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