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I didn't get a response, but am 'in' the forum now. So, just go check and you should be too. Unfortunately and disappointingly so, I have found the forum to be full of 'trolls' and people fear mongering UC. It isn't exactly what I had expected from a private MDC UC group. Aside from reading through things, I don't feel like it is really a great place to find support, especially if you are wavering in your desire for a UC. I am going to convey this to the group moderator.

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Originally Posted by Millie Ivy View Post

Ditto, Tropicana.  I feel the same way!  Although, I'm really ok with her getting there after I'm even into the pushing stage.  Knowing someone is near or waiting in the wings if I need them is something I do like. 


My "pushing stage" generally lasts about 5 minutes so if she isn't there before hand then she isn't going to make it. orngbiggrin.gif



The more I am thinking about it though, I am thinking about maybe making the call "late". I do tend to bleed afterward and I feel like it might be necessary to have her there at some point afterward to assess the bleeding, check for tears, make sure the placenta delivered completely, weigh the baby etc. but I really wouldn't mind going UC for delivery. 


I remember with my last pregnancy reading Ina May's books and thinking "I could totally do this at home". Even as a was in labor I remember thinking "if my mother-in-law wasn't out there in the living room I would probably just fill up my claw-foot tub, lay back and have the baby now" but then I knew MIL would call 911 or something and 4 paramedics would come strolling in my bathroom 10 minutes later. eyesroll.gif So instead we left for the hospital and DS was born about 30 minutes later (luckily not in the car). But I remember thinking there was NOTHING they did for me in the hospital that I couldn't have done at home (except I had to take that grueling 30 minute car ride in a thunderstorm)!


I am a quiet birther and I actually think DH and I could pull it off w/o waking up the kids and just have a little intimate birth and have MW show up after. I think my pride keeps me from going completely UC...because I would feel like a failure if I ended up having to go to the ER afterward because of bleeding. I would just not want to deal with the interrogation and the general bad attitudes that medical staff have about HB. irked.gif


On the subject of bleeding, I have been reading a lot about natural ways to prevent bleeding post-partum. Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettles are the two things that keep coming up as great uterine builders to help insure minimal bleeding. (Now why oh why do OB's never mention this? Is it just easier to pop a vial of pitocin in each mom after birth rather than prevent it in the first place?)

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I still don't have access to the lounge, but if it has as many trolls as the open UC board, I don't really care.


Tropicana - I thought about doing that with my second baby, but while my partner was on board ahead of time, during the birth he kind of panicked and really wanted the midwives there. I had a harder birth with my second than my first. Yeah, I know I'm weird. I think if I UC this time, I would want a situation like that, but I'd have to go into it preparing for a solo birth, so that if my partner can support me, great, but if not, I don't sway to his pressure during birth.

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Originally Posted by revolting View Post

I still don't have access to the lounge, but if it has as many trolls as the open UC board, I don't really care.




Ditto...not really interested in reading upsetting stuff (seriously, don't we all have enough to worry about?) This whole 'lounge' concept is new to me and it seems as if I may not really want to get all that familiar with it. Our plan to UC is coming along along well. DH has gotten the Emergency Guide to Childbirth by Dr. Gregory White and feels like is is a great guide. We're both really determined this go round. I had compiled a list of supplies I wanted last pregnancy and have begun pricing things on on Inhishands ....just feel soo good about it, I mean how awesome will it be to UC and get to gently bring this babe into the world with no distractions from the outside?

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Back to the hemorrhage prevention: I'd love more info on the nettles (especially: I didn't get much from Google) and red raspberry leaf tea!

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Nettles, red raspberry leaf, oatsraw, and red clover together in a tea (with mint or ginger or something for flavor) are great preventatives nettles because it is known to have anti-hemorrhage properties, boosts vitamin K levels and increases the hemoglobin available, RRL because it helps prevent miscarriage and hemmorhage-including severe post-partum bleeding from a uterus that fails to contract after delivery, Oatsraw boosts calcium and magnesium and also heals the nervous and endocrine systems, and Red Clover boosts chromium, niacin, thiamine, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and is especially effective paired with RRL  ; as is taking chlorophyll which helps the body clot better. After each of my births I have taken a sheperd's purse tincture (sheperd's purse is classically known to stop bleeding-both internally and externally) and I have not had hemmorhage issues. I had heard awesome things about comsuming placenta, and only just did it with DS-it was amazing. My friend/midwife made a smoothie with a piece of it and it wasn't difficult to drink. We used my ninja blender and it really wasn't discernable. I encapsulate my placentas-because I believe that placenta comsumption plays a vital role in my body's ability to recover from all the excitement of birth, but that is a bit of a process so it was nice to have the immediate boost from the placenta right there on the spot.

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I haven't had time to read all the posts but I have been researching UC's also. I even bought a lot of birthing stuff like 6 months ago before we even conceived, lol. Now I know that I am for sure UP-ing but I am unsure if I will have the confidence to do the actual birthing part. I plan on still reading reading reading up on UC's and will probably make a game day decision. I had 2 good hospital births and have a really hands off understanding hospital staff, so that is helpful too.

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Also, with the RRLTea I saw that HerbPharm makes a tincture! I was really excited about that. My body response REALLY well to tinctures!

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Are you mamas taking a neonatal cpr class? I'd feel a lot more comfortable taking a class (I've been watching movies on youtube), but I can't find any nearby open to non-professional birth workers.

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